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Online Casino Winning Guide

The possibility of getting rich while playing is also what makes gambling so appealing. The mega jackpot is exactly what a casino player dreams of.

But what to do to make the big payout work? You need tips, you have to know the tricks of the casino providers and proceed strategically. Online casino winnings are not that easy to dust off.

Even if you know: Statistically speaking, the chance is not huge, but let us be guided by my grandmother’s eternal saying: Someone has to grab the big jackpots (yes, she really said jackpots).

But what if winning millions really happens?

You know that: You just win a billion euros… cough… a hundred thousand euros on your favorite slot or in the live casino and then you stand there and don’t know what to do. After all, it has happened to everyone. We are happy to remedy the situation at this point and are at your side with good advice free of charge.

Incidentally, the highest win in the online casino is 25 million euros in the My Lucky Number slot.

I won big at the online casino. Can I get my money now?

First of all we hope you played with the right provider = in this case you won. If you think back, everyone had that one friend at school who you just couldn’t trust. You knew exactly: the money you had lent him could also be written off as a loss. As was the Britney Spears CD and the console game “lent” to the same person. The so-called false friend simply elegantly blocks the return claim and, if necessary, temporarily disappears from the scene.

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Checklist: 10 tricks to consider when winning big at online casino:

  • keep calm: First of all, it is important that you keep a cool head. Take time out from gaming to lower the adrenaline and mentally process the situation. You should only pay attention to point 3 (screenshots) now. Then it’s best to go for a coffee or watch a movie. Or visit grandma. She’s always happy to see you.
  • Don’t plan the money until it’s in your possession. When you play at a European casino you shouldn’t have any problems getting your money. Nevertheless, it may be that some time goes by and one or the other hurdle has to be cleared before you can actually access your money. Don’t book an expensive holiday and if possible don’t let anyone know about your win. You can always do that later. Also check if you made the win with bonus money. Some casino sites have in their terms and conditions a maximum payout on bonus offers, especially free spins and no-deposit bonuses (free bonus). If your win is related to wagering bonus money, check the fine print and then how exactly your win came about.
  • Make screenshots. Trust is good, visuals are better. For example, the (payable) account balance and the winning round (in-play and transaction ID) as well as communication with customer service, which is not automatically sent to your e-mail inbox, are important. These are usually the live chats. If you have customer service on the phone, write down brief notes of the call afterwards, including the date and time.
  • Request a withdrawal (a partial amount of the winnings if necessary) and contact customer service . Ask what withdrawal method and cash account, if any, is desired by the casino and if any documents need to be submitted. Go live chat if possible. If there is no reply, set an ultimatum to get a reply. 24 hours is reasonable.
  • Take a break from gaming. First, because sometimes you lose track of your bets. Big wins are sometimes the first step into financial troubles. Because you get used to winning and think that if you increase the bet, it will be a good sum again. Second, and this is very important: the casino would like you to reinvest (and lose) your winnings straight away. And has heard that some online casinos are reluctant or delayed in making withdrawals when they see that the player is still active. Log in only when necessary and then only for a short time. If you want to continue playing straight away, then make sure to do so with another provider. Don’t touch the big prize. This is another reason why it pays to have more than one casino account.
  • The casino wishes that you lose your profit immediately. At the same time, they want to keep you as a customer because they know for sure: You now have generous cash reserves. Make it clear to the casino that you will not touch the money you win until the withdrawal is complete, but that you are welcome to continue playing with them afterwards. Ask customer service to enter this as a note in the system. (You can of course change your mind later if you wish).
  • Always submit all required documents quickly and completely. It can be quick, but it can also take time. In the case of very high profits, the casino operators ask the providers if everything was fine (e.g. Netent, Evolution). This can take an hour or even a few weeks, especially at Evolution Gaming. Always ask specifically what the status is and what is happening. The employees usually have a short line to the game providers and can speed up this process. The casino must be transparent to the player. Sometimes it’s difficult to assess: what is a routine waiting time and what might be the casino’s delaying tactics? If after a total of 2 weeks you still don’t know what’s happening, why it’s happening and what the further roadmap is, then something has to change. Because then it may be that the casino wants to fool you.
  • In order to slow down such brazen tricks and maneuvers by the site operators, it is always good to reserve the right to take further steps. If you find the answers too slow and don’t help, write a complaint. You do this by writing COMPLAINT in the subject line in capital letters. If that doesn’t work either, other artillery pieces will have to be deployed. Brings the regulatory licensing authority into play. This is usually the MGA (Malta) or the GBC (Gibraltar). You will find the license information at reputable casinos at the bottom of the home page in the small print.
  • If nothing happens 1-2 weeks after mentioning the regulator, then you must be serious. Contact the MGA (Maltese Gaming Authority) or the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC). You can easily look up how to file a complaint online. Ok, we, we quickly found it for you: You can reach the MGA here and you can contact the GGC here. This must preferably be done in English. Please note (and always in contact with customer service): Remain factual and explain what happened in a comprehensible manner. It may be that you have to bring your counterpart up to date, so you may have to repeat yourself. Don’t get abusive or emotional, it’s just a distraction. Always remain friendly but firm.
  • Have fun with your prize. Normally it goes relatively quickly, at least as long as you only play at European regulated online casinos. And by the way: The casino now knows that you have good money available. If you want to keep gambling, ask for a big reload deposit bonus. They can’t say more than no. And other casinos also have nice promotions.

Bonus tip: prove casino winnings for the tax office and your bank

By the way, you should also take lots of screenshots of your big win for another reason. Sooner or later, the bank or the tax office will ask questions, especially with large sums. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay taxes on it. But you have to prove your casino winnings, as the tax office and bank understandably want to know where your winnings come from.

phew Does it really have to be that complicated? I lose interest in the big jackpot. I prefer to just play for fun.

No fear. In most cases, you will get your money quickly and easily, even if you are completely clumsy. Still, it is better to be prepared for casino operators’ tricks and games just in case. And sometimes the casino staff are just a bit disorganized. If you end up with an inexperienced colleague (or the customer service rep ends up with the wrong colleague internally), it is important that you structure things yourself.


It makes a difference for the online casino whether you simply win big at the slot or at the tables in the normal game (for example, with a 4860-fold payout in the “normal” game mode in the Book of Gods machine) or whether you hit a progressive jackpot. Because while the casino has to pay for regular in-play losses out of its own pocket, it is the game providers who crack the jackpots (e.g. in the case of “Mega Fortune”, for example Netent). In the case of progressive – i.e. increasing – jackpots, the winnings have already been paid for. As with the lottery, the amount of the main prize depends on the accumulated stakes that are included in the jackpot. Like a ripe fruit. You know it’s due at some point, but it’s impossible to say when it will happen.

For you, on the other hand, it doesn’t really make a difference. Because money is money. However, knowing exactly what is going on can be a crucial advantage when communicating with the casino. Can’t hurt, can it?

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