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Online Casino With PayPal In 2021

If you have decided to gamble in an online casino, you will – just like in a real casino – spend small or large amounts of money on stakes. Therefore, when choosing the casino, it is important to know how you will deposit the money there and of course how your winnings will be paid out later.

There are various options for this, from the now widespread instant transfer from a bank account to casino-specific payment systems such as Trustly or Paysafecard to the classic credit card or the latest payment method with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At this point, we want to introduce the PayPal payment method, which has now become very popular.

You can find detailed information about online casino PayPal below our article. In comparison, we have listed online casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method. These are exclusively online casinos that are regulated by a state authority and thus stand for the highest level of seriousness.

Online Casino Paypal customer testimonials

What do our customers actually say about the online casino PayPal comparison? You can find it out in the video and in the quote. If you have any feedback, please write us an email.

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Online Casino Paypal Magazine

We are one of the few sites on the net that not only want to refer you to the online casinos, but we also take you by the hand and inform you daily with new online casino articles, not only in relation to PayPal. Find the latest reading material below.

Why should you use PayPal?

For many users, security is the top priority when choosing this payment method, which is also justified. PayPal is licensed as a full-fledged bank in the EU, which means that your deposits there are secured like a bank account and cannot be lost.

PayPal is always available

Another advantage of a PayPal account is that you can make transactions at any time. So if you decide to play a little on the weekend, you can make a deposit to the casino on Saturday or Sunday and start playing right away. Even with a quick instant transfer, you would have to wait until your bank has executed it on Monday and it has been credited to the casino’s account, which of course you do not want.

If you don’t have a PayPal account

If you want to register at an online casino and do not yet have a PayPal account, you can create one in a few minutes with just a few steps. You go to the PayPal website and choose the account type “private”, then you will be asked to provide some personal information before you will be redirected. You must of course be of legal age and have a bank account that you can link to the PayPal account in order to verify this. PayPal checks whether you are the owner by doing a test transfer with a minimum amount to this account.

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PayPal fees – what’s behind them?

In principle, PayPal does not charge you any fees for maintaining an account. A transfer to another PayPal account, for example to the online casino, is also free of charge. PayPal only charges a small percentage fee for receiving payments and in the event that you transfer or receive money in a foreign currency, there is a small fixed fee for the conversion into euros. However, if you are registered with a casino that is licensed in Germany, this will usually be insignificant for you as long as you pay in euros.

PayPal security for casino deposits

As already mentioned, the aspect of security is certainly particularly important for you. In addition to data protection and the certainty that your bank advisor will not notice that you are gambling online, another aspect also plays an important role.

PayPal is popular as a payment method worldwide, not least because it offers extensive buyer and seller protection if something goes wrong during a transaction. In addition, you also have extensive protection against misuse, even if your password gets into the wrong hands. PayPal will then immediately determine who has unauthorized access to your account, take the necessary steps, and get your money back.

The prerequisite is of course that you inform PayPal immediately if you notice this or learn about it. Of course, you should also change your password right away, wherever you use this and perhaps similar ones – which is not recommended anyway, in order not to make it easier for hackers to access your personal data. You can find more information about this on the PayPal website.

Dust off the PayPal casino bonus?

Of course, you also have other payment methods to choose from at PayPal Casino. However, a number of casinos even grant you a special bonus if you choose PayPal. You will then get this in addition to your welcome or deposit bonus and in the best case it will amount to a few hundred euros that you can dispose of. However, do not forget to pay attention to the bonus conditions, especially the wagering requirements, so that your entitlement to winnings from this bonus does not expire.

The procedure is different, so find out more beforehand. There are casinos where you get the bonus automatically credited when you pay with PayPal. Others require you to enter a bonus code first. The advantage of this bonus is that – unlike a deposit bonus – you can receive it every time you pay with PayPal.

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What is a PayPal casino?

While looking for a suitable online casino, you have already checked the payment options and found that not all casinos accept PayPal. Why is that?

There is no doubt that the company PayPal vouches for secure payments on the Internet and has a very good reputation for this. But that is also the reason that PayPal only works with absolutely reliable online casinos and applies very strict criteria when selecting them, because PayPal also bears a risk due to the high buyer protection since in case of doubt it has to pay for the damage you have suffered.

Reliability as a plus point

A casino has to enjoy a great deal of trust in order to be able to work with PayPal, which of course suits you as a user. Therefore, it is another indication that you have found a reputable casino if this payment option is accepted. To find one, you only have to do a little research on the Internet, use the search terms “PayPal” and “Casino” so that you can make the right choice.

Casino deposit via PayPal

After you have created a PayPal account or already have one, you have logged into a PayPal casino and will make your first deposit. Not only is it safe, but it’s also easy and quick. You choose this payment method and will then be forwarded to your PayPal account during the payment process. There you log in with your access data and make the payment.

It is important that your PayPal password is only entered there and not on the casino site. You will then automatically come back to the casino’s website. During this process, this only receives your personal email address with which you are registered with PayPal.

If you have no credit in your PayPal account, the amount will be debited from your bank account after about two to three days, but you can still start playing immediately because the casino has already received the credit. If you have a credit card on file with PayPal, it will be charged faster, usually on the same day.

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Casino payout via PayPal

After you have made your deposits via a PayPal account, it is easy to withdraw winnings from the casino in this way. When you request the payout, it will first be checked. This can take different lengths of time but is usually quite quick. Once the payout is confirmed, the casino will make the transfer. You then have to calculate about one to two days for processing, then the money is in your account and you can dispose of it.

If you transfer the balance to your bank account, it will take about two to four working days for the money to be credited there. This is the only way you can then dispose of the amount in cash because cash payments from the PayPal account are not possible. But you also have the alternative of leaving the money there, because you can use this method to pay for purchases or services in many shops. Then you use this account like a normal bank account. In any case, transfers from there to the account at your house bank are always free of charge.

PayPal limits – what should be considered?

Regarding both deposits and withdrawals, you should also know that some casinos have limits on PayPal payments in their terms and conditions. This can be different than for transactions via other payment methods. Usually, this is a minimum deposit of 10.00 euros, the maximum amount can vary, for example, it can be 5,000.00 euros. You can find details on this in the casino’s terms and conditions of use, which you should take a good look at.

Find the best PayPal casino

If you have decided on a PayPal casino, you can be sure that it not only meets the requirements for licensing but that it has also passed the strict check by PayPal and is classified as serious and secure from there. Which of the casinos in question is the best now only depends on what other requirements you have. This can be the selection of games or a welcome bonus as well as the conditions to which it is linked, your personal ideas and needs come into play here.

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