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Online Roulette or Live Roulette?

Roulette is among the most popular gambling games in the world. The principle of the game is as simple as it is easy to understand: in roulette, the player bets on numbers or certain properties of numbers that are determined by the random movement of a ball in a wheel. Roulette is known from many movies and was mainly played in casinos and casinos until the 1990s. But with the triumph of the Internet, the game also spread online.

Here we distinguish two basic types of roulette: software-based online roulette and live roulette. The latter is the latest version, fast internet connections and streaming technology make it possible to take a virtual seat at a real table and be looked after by a real croupier. But what are the differences between these two versions of roulette?

The online roulette as software

Online casinos have long recognized that players are obsessed with this game. That’s why smart game developers started programming the appropriate software early on. Providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Play n Go have already launched various versions of roulette as software.

The advantages for the player compared to roulette in a casino or live roulette are:

  • Playing for play money is possible
  • The player can take his time with his bets

Roulette beginners in particular will appreciate that playing online roulette is not mandatory to play for real money. In this way, players can get to know the game in peace and acquire the necessary basic knowledge of roulette online for free for a future game for real money. While a real casino or live casino is also about making bets during a certain period of time, the software version gives players enough time to think about the next step.

As with all computer games, sound and graphics are subject to constant change. The fact is that the implementations become more and more convincing over time. There are now even versions in which animations are used to simulate a real croupier, making the casino feeling even livelier. Even virtual reality releases are planned for the future.

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The live roulette in the online casino

With live roulette, the player takes part in a real roulette table. This is guaranteed by the latest streaming technology. Even games with several participants who can communicate with each other via chat are possible. A real croupier leads through the game, who makes all the necessary announcements and sometimes knows how to loosen up the round as an animator.

In contrast to online roulette, it is not possible to gamble for play money in the live version. It’s all about real money from the start, which is why Live Roulette is only recommended for players who have already had some experience with this game. The player takes care of the bets from his own computer, a user interface is offered for this purpose. With many providers it is even possible to adjust the camera perspective during the game.

Roulette tips and tricks

The search for the infallible winning system in games of chance is as old as gambling itself. But we can reveal one thing: Roulette, like other games of chance, has no promising system. Nevertheless, many players rely on mathematical systems.

The Martingale Games

The widespread Martingale strategy is based on doubling the bet after each loss in order to increase the chances of winning. The player usually starts with a one-unit bet on the odds bet, such as red or black. As a result, you always bet on the chance that previously lost. If the player loses, he bets two units in the next round. If he loses again, he bets four units and so on. In the event of a win, according to the bill, all losses incurred up to that point are void. And: The player can then look forward to a total win of one unit.

So far, so logical. However, there are two difficulties with this system:

  • At some point the player will reach the bank’s maximum betting limit and will no longer be able to double.
  • Above a certain limit, the player loses his entire capital.

The result is that the Martingale system cannot work mathematically. In the long run, the bank always wins. Giacomo Casanova recognized this already, as he noted in his book “History of my life”: “I still played my martingales, but so unluckily that I soon ran out of zechines. Since I played jointly with MM, I had to report to her on the state of my finances. At her insistence, I gradually sold all of her diamonds. I lost the proceeds again; she kept only five hundred sequins for herself in case of need. There was no more talk of kidnapping; for how should we have made our way through the world penniless?”

So why play roulette?

For the reasonable and responsible player, roulette is not about winning big, but about having fun playing in the casino . The possibility of winning or losing exerts a great attraction and increases the tension. A player therefore always sets his own individual limit for losses. Once this is achieved, the game ends.

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