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Present And Future Of Digital Gambling: The Evolution Of Online Casinos

There are thousands of Italian casino enthusiasts in Italy, and the sector numbers give the proof.

There are thousands of Italians passionate about casinos in Italy, and the proof is given by the sector numbers, which see a truly extraordinary success for this sector. We then arrive at a total collection of over 71 million euros, so this is enough to give a trace of the boom in digital gambling. But if, on the one hand, the present sees the success of online casinos, on the other, the future could have numerous surprises in store. So let’s analyze the current gambling trends and understand what are (or will be) the digital evolutions that will affect online gambling.

The present and gambling browser games

Today, the citizens of the Peninsula know that if they wish to gamble, they no longer have to leave their homes and visit a gambling hall in person. Just turn on the computer, connect to an online casino site, and start betting on your favorite games. Meanwhile, you can also choose to participate in live sessions, which allow you to play in a real casino, but stay at home, connecting via a webcam system. All this is made possible by the great technological evolution of gambling online portals, which allow you to play the telematic reproductions of all the most loved and most famous gambling games. In fact, in the list, we find some examples such as roulette and the very classic slots, together with video poker and video lottery. There is no shortage of card games such as poker and blackjack, along with baccarat, another great passion of Italians.

Will the future be of virtual reality?

When it comes to the evolution of gaming, all the various sectors are moving in the direction of virtual reality. This is demonstrated by the great success of VR viewers, such as the Oculus, and the choice of large manufacturers such as Sony to focus on video games and consoles compatible with these technologies. However, online gambling could be the exception to the rule. Because it is a very special field, where users remain tied to certain traditions, today, the live mode can satisfy most players. Secondly, the cost of installing these technologies may not be affordable for all companies nor justified by a real interest (therefore a concrete commitment) of the players.

Although tests are already underway on applying virtual reality to casinos, it is not known whether this hi-tech transition will ever happen. As always, it is the market that dictates the law, and supply must therefore adapt to demand. If anything, the latter will show interest in VR. The major companies in the sector will certainly design sustainable solutions for everyone (even economically).

To date, however, the “simple” digital and live casinos seem to meet all the expectations of passionate users. And they already represent a significant step forward.

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