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Strategies To Make Profitable Bets

All bettors want their predictions to be as profitable as possible. However, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, the greater the possible benefit, the greater the risk, so this type of bets is intended for those users who do not care about the risk and who are looking for a “hit” that can make them win hundreds of euros.

In this article, we are going to know which are the most profitable bets, how to identify them, what are profitable betting systems and which are the markets with the most profitable bets.

What Bets Are The Most Profitable?

The most profitable bets are those that do not offer a high enough quota, such as those that offer a quota of € 4.00 or more, since we would be beginning to talk about quadrupling our earnings.

However, if what we are looking for is the most profitable, then we have to start counting from € 7.00 or € 8.00, although we must not forget that the higher the quota, the greater the risk percentage, so the possibilities of failing increase.

How To Make Profitable Sports Bets?

Finding a profitable bet is a simple task since we only have to access the bookmaker of our choice and look for those markets whose odds exceed € 4.00 or € 5.00 at least, looking especially for those that offer figures around € 10.00. If we also combine a couple of these forecasts we can be talking about potential profits of € 30 or € 40 with only € 1 investment.

In this case, the only difficulty lies in getting those forecasts right, since they have a fairly low hit rate, which is why their odds are so high.

Profitable Betting Systems

Let’s see below the main profitable betting systems used by betting experts and how they can be put into practice.

Martingale System

This system, coming from the casino world, does not require a great knowledge of the competition on which one is betting, although it may require a great deal of banking in case there are prolonged losses at the beginning, so it is not entirely recommended for those who are new to the world of gambling.

It consists of placing a bet. If you win, you place a bet again. If you lose, you double the amount you bet to try to recoup your losses and make a profit. If we win, the cycle would start again.

Fibonacci System

This system consists of betting progressively with an increasing stake , following the succession of numbers that gives this system its name:

  • 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233
  • In other words, if the stake of our first bet is € 1, the next stake must also be € 1, the next € 2, the next € 3, the next € 5… and so on.
  • In this case, there are 2 conditions that must be strictly met in this system:
  • That the tie fee does not exceed € 2.61
  • Strictly follow the sequence of Fibonacci numbers
  • Both conditions must be met for this system to function successfully.

Patent System

This system, much more unknown than the previous ones, consists of making a system of 7 bets with 3 predictions (similar to the Trixie):

  • 1 simple bet per the forecast
  • 3 bets combined with 2 tips
  • 1 bet combined with all 3 tips

In this case, the key to this system is that there is little risk, since hitting just one of the simple bets (which are not excessively risky) could make profits, or at least limit losses considerably.

How To Know If A Bet Is Profitable?

To evaluate the profitability of a bet we must not only look at how high its quota is but also at the degree of risk it presents.

To identify the first factor we simply have to look and see if the fee is around € 5, 6, 7 or more. For the second factor, we must already depend more on our own instinct and the knowledge we have about the competition and the game in question since it will be this information that offers us certain guarantees that the forecast, despite its difficulty, may end up happening.

What Is More Profitable: Single Or Multiple Bets?

Of course, multiple and combined bets are much more profitable than individual bets, although the chances of failure are also higher. Therefore, the idea is to start with individual forecasts and, once they are named, start multiple and combined bets in search of greater profitability, but trying to control the risk at all times so that losses do not start to be generated continuously.

Which Betting Market Is The Most Profitable?

Here are some betting markets that are not always very popular but are usually quite profitable.

  • Half time / End of the game
  • Winner of any of the halves
  • No tie bet
  • # Of goals
  • Comebacks

In this case, the “comeback” market is the most profitable of all, even in matches where one team is much superior to the other since it is relatively common for the inferior team to score first and then lose, or even to be able to tie. In both cases, the fees are quite profitable.

Most Profitable Bookmakers

Actually any bookmaker can be the most profitable at any given time, everything will depend on the forecast or forecasts in question. Hence, to bet, it is always convenient to consult more than one bookmaker and see which is the most interesting odds for our bet.

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