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The Most Successful Casino Slots Of All Time

The best and most successful casino slots are usually those whose jackpots have historically been particularly high, precisely because the slots are played by so many people in the world and, accordingly, deposits are frequent.

However, many players have different opinions as to which casino slots have proven to be particularly lucrative. In this article we would like to introduce you to the games that have already proven themselves in history. Some slot games have even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mega Fortune

For example, the game Mega Fortune is in high demand. It is one of the most sought-after slot machines in the online sector. The great success of the casino jackpot came from setting a world record for the largest jackpot ever played online. On January 20th, 2013, a 40-year-old Finn from Helsinki hit Mega Fortune’s gigantic jackpot, winning a whopping €17,861,800 in total.

Even before that, in 2011 on September 23rd, a record payout of 11.7 million euros was triggered by a student from Norway, also with the Mega Fortune Slot. Of course, one wonders what exactly makes this casino game so successful? Why are there sometimes such huge and fat gains that make some people multi-millionaires overnight?

If you compare the Mega Fortune slot with other games, it quickly becomes clear that, in contrast to the other slot machines, 3 different jackpots are available. These include Mega, Major and the Rapid Jackpot. There are also breathtaking bonus features and lots of free spins! This means that Mega Fortune generates a lot more revenue and since many people deposit, there are also large jackpot amounts that can be paid out at the end.

Arabian Nights

Another well-known and successful slot machine is the Arabian Nights. Also like Mega Fortune, this is the manufacturer NetEntertainment.

The biggest jackpot payout ever on this game took place on November 23rd, 2012. The distributed sum amounted to €8,635,872.

The slot has 5 reels with Arabic style symbols drawn on them. Playing in the 1001 Nights style is a lot of fun. The stakes range from €0.50 up to €5.

However, the jackpot is only played if you play with a bet of €5, i.e. the maximum amount that can be used.

Hall of Gods

Also famous and notorious is the casino game Hall of Gods. The software developer Hall of Gods also had a hand in this. As you can see, the manufacturer is very professional and successful in the casino world.

A player from Sweden hit a big jackpot payout on February 9th, 2012. A total of €7,673,975 was paid out to him in one fell swoop. He gambled with a bet of just €50.

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Book of Dead

One of the most successful casino slots is also the Book of Dead. When listing the most famous games, this one should definitely not be forgotten. The game is played on a total of 5 reels, 3 rows and with the help of 10 paylines. There is a large betting range between 0.01 and 50.00 euros. Usually, wins are dealt from left to right, but there is one exception and that’s the scatter. These may be in any position.

Many players love the scatter symbols that appear and they can prove extremely useful. Because it indicates that some bonus features will now be released during the course of the game. Which bonus functions are involved depends primarily on the type of game and the manufacturer itself. Usually normal symbols must be on a line for the player to benefit from it. This is different with the scatter symbols. Here the symbols only have to be anywhere on the reels to gain an advantage. Depending on the title of the casino slot, corresponding scatter symbols appear with a graphic in the style of the slot.

Only a certain number of symbols have to appear on the various reels in order to trigger a bonus. How many symbols must appear is explained in detail in the manual or the payout table of the slot. Certain free spins are often unlocked by the symbols. The moment the right number of scatter symbols appear on the screen, the additional free or bonus game usually begins.

For example, if 3 full scatter symbols appear in “Book of Dead”, the bonus function is activated with the help of the spin, these are free spins.

However, there are very different scatter symbols from game to game and only the right combination actually brings in the bonus at the end. In other slots there are often no bonus rounds at all.

The scatter symbol in “Book of Dead” is an Egyptian book in the color gold. It has a scarab beetle with wings. This scatter is very valuable and can also be used as a joker in the game, which is of course really cool, because the fact that any other symbol can be replaced with the scatter increases your chances of winning significantly due to a larger number of possible combinations.

With 3 symbols you get 10 free spins in the game “Book of Dead”. If you then land 3 additional Scatter symbols, you extend your number of Free Spins rounds by another 10!

Of course, with Rich Wilde or Anubis becoming the expanded symbol in the free spins, your chances of winning in the free spins increase drastically. That’s why the bonus games and, accordingly, the scatters are so enormously popular.

If you then also correctly guess the color or symbol of a hidden card, you multiply the total price of each spin in the main game. This feature is also called a risk function, you can use it up to 5 times in a row.

Under the name “Rick Wilde and the Book of Dead” this casino slot has been known for many years and always causes great enthusiasm. The game offers a real experience as the slot machine, the graphics and the way you play make for lots of action, fun and excitement.

Of course, there is also a great demo version online for “Book of Dead”, in which, logically, you don’t have to deposit any money. There are various offers for this and other slots, for example on lapalingo.com.

Gonzo Challenge

Gonzo Challenge is also an excellent casino slot for raking in fat winnings. Here great cartoons are sent to the player in a very mysterious way. There is a whole range of numerous animations with the help of which the user can find a breathtaking gold treasure in the Aztec pyramid. The big main objective of casino slots is of course Gonzo. He is still unknown and wants to be discovered. Gonzo leads the Spanish conquistador.

In itself, the machine consists of 5 reels, of course 3 lines and 20 paylines. There are many different combinations, each leading to a win in a different way.

In the course of the game you get great tips, tricks and hints to be able to reach and master certain intermediate stages successfully.

This slot also comes from the developer NetEnt, we particularly like the graphics and the 3D sound of the game. This makes the gaming experience even more realistic. Free spins can be obtained from right to left. The avalanche serves as a multiplier with the help of which, of course, additional income can be achieved. Of course, as with other games, there are many bonus rounds, which usually end in a highlight and big wins.

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