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E-wallet Payment Methods For Online Sports Betting And What To Look Out For

Most users look at the bonus first when choosing a bookmaker. However, this neglects some important aspects of the bonus itself. Betting friends see the bonus amount and automatically open their account. It often happens that the user does not pay attention to the available payment methods, which can lead to disappointment. We have therefore taken the trouble to discuss this topic in more detail in order to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment to users in the future.

The most popular payment methods are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller – all three are e-wallets. There are some lesser-known options that are also very good. It is impossible to say which payment systems on the Internet are the best , because it is an individual matter, but we want to help our readers with their choice. Let’s start with the most famous e-wallet options accepted by the best online betting sites in the world.

What e-wallets are there?

Online wallets, or for short (and the more popular term) e-wallets, are virtual accounts that work quite simply. After the payment, the money is in the account in just a few seconds and you can start betting. E-payment is offered so you can make both deposits and withdrawals. We have looked at some e-wallets in detail and now present them to you.


Every self-respecting betting shop offers PayPal. Transactions are very simple and when logging in, the user enters their name, email address and bank details, and immediately after verification they can make their first payment. PayPal is committed to providing its customers with the utmost security and has won multiple awards for security.

PayPal can generally be considered a free payment method, but it has to be said that individuals pay a tax of 2.9% and a fixed amount of 30 cents. However, compared to the large number of advantages of this e-wallet, these fees are acceptable.


Neteller is the most popular online gambling wallet. It is used in more than 200 countries and payments are possible in 23 different currencies. Neteller also offers the Net+ Prepaid Master Card, which you can use to pay both in stores and online. The Neteller account must first be funded and after that transactions are very easy to make.

Neteller uses 128-bit encryption, which makes user data extremely secure. Most bookmakers use the same payment method for payments, which is done in the interest of fighting money laundering. Neteller also offers five tiers of VIP accounts. When making payments, customers collect points that they can exchange for rewards. The levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.


Skrill works very similar to PayPal and Neteller. Once you have opened a virtual account and deposited money into it, you can start betting. There are no fees for payments, unless money is transferred to an individual’s private account. In this case, the fee is 1% of the total amount, up to a maximum of $12.

If a customer hasn’t used their Skrill account for 12 months, a fee of roughly more than a dollar will be charged for each subsequent month. The transaction only takes a few seconds, while payments may take a little longer due to certain checks. When you use Skrill, you don’t give out any information about your bank account and everything else is encrypted. There is a high level of security here.

It is important to mention that this method allows the user to transfer money from bookmaker to bookmaker without incurring any fees. This is particularly important for bettors who do not want any additional costs.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that has recently become increasingly popular among bettors. Because everything is absolutely anonymous, this method is offered by almost all bookmakers. Payments are secure and users are not required to provide any personal information, while the transaction itself takes just a few seconds. Payments via Bitcoin cannot be paid out, so the bookmakers make a profit. In case of payments within 10 minutes, no fees will be charged.

The disadvantage of Bitcoin is instability. The value changes very quickly compared to classic currencies and the purchase of Bitcoin is only possible through exchange offices. Despite these disadvantages, Bitcoin is popular, so most betting sites offer it.


Ethereum is also a digital currency, similar to Bitcoin, but with some important differences. Transactions through this method are fast, secure and free of charge. Ethereum is still not a widely used payment method and you won’t necessarily find it everywhere, but that will certainly change over time.

Ether coin payments are safe because everything is encoded. There are no limits, which is especially attractive for players who like high stakes, but the currency is also unstable, so the exchange rate changes often.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment method developed by Apple in 2014. Apple means a security guarantee and payments can be made both online and in some stores. This method requires the user to have an Apple device and a credit or debit card. No personal information is required to conduct transactions.

Last but not least, players who like safe bets often need to transfer money from one bookmaker to another and for that they should definitely use an e-wallet as a payment method. This method is also best for live betting.

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