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The Oldest Casinos In The World

Casinos are not a modern invention, even if the online casino in particular surpasses everything in terms of modernity. Even in ancient times, however, games were organized whose venue can largely be described as a casino. Especially in the nobility of the early modern period, real institutions were created that offered rich society the opportunity to get rid of their money easily.

The evolution of these establishments are today’s casinos, which can be found in almost every city. However, these must be distinguished from the gambling halls, which only concentrate on a part of the casino experience and in most cases cannot offer the corresponding ambience.

Venice casino

The journey to the oldest casinos in the world begins in Italy, the land of sun and joy, even if this stereotypical image is far from always true. The Casinò di Venezia is now generally referred to as the oldest casino in the world and has not ceased operations to this day. For a real casino ambience with all its historical features, players are in the right place right on the Canale Grande. It can’t get much more classic than that.

The early 16th-century Renaissance building was first inhabited, then converted into a casino in 1638. With the appropriate play of light, the casino becomes an opulent masterpiece of architecture, especially in the dark, and always shines festively in the silhouette of Venice. The game selection is international with French games such as Trente et Quarante or Roulette. There are also over 600 slot machines that guarantee plenty of gaming fun. The famous composer Richard Wagner is said to have played regularly in this casino and, according to legend, also died of a heart attack in the casino.

Spa casino

The Belgian city of Spa is now particularly internationally known for its race track, which has hosted almost every motorsport event in the world, including Formula 1. But how did a small Belgian municipality come to be able to afford such investments? The second oldest casino in the world is fundamentally related to this fact. A casino was founded in Spa in 1763, which gave the town an enormous financial boost. Luxury hotels could be built and the spa gained fame far beyond the borders of Belgium.

The casino is housed in a building that closely resembles a castle. It also had a lot of bad luck in its history and burned down three times, so that in the end it had to be rebuilt again and again. Of course, this left its structural mark. It is precisely the modernizations associated with the multiple reconstructions that are responsible for the fact that, in addition to the classic table games, there are also plenty of slot machines available, since the space for extensive gaming activities on machines was created.

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Casino of Baden Baden

The casino in Baden-Baden is incredibly picturesque, right on the foothills of the Black Forest. In addition to the casino itself, the whole complex also houses extensive gardens, which make the whole thing a dreamlike experience for the players. Because gambling used to be illegal, only a few places could enjoy a license allowing them to set up a casino. Baden-Baden as a health resort was able to claim this license.

After this building was initially used as a residence, it was also possible to play in the new Kurhaus from the 1830s. It then quickly gained considerable international fame as, coincidentally, at that time gambling was also banned in France and en masse French players were looking for alternatives. Baden-Baden was able to offer this alternative near the German-French border. In the beautiful rooms of the Kurhaus, numerous famous personalities found a bed for the night, including the American President Barack Obama.

Casino of Monte Carlo

Of course, Monte Carlo should not be missing from this list. The Casino de Monte Carlo is famous worldwide and especially known as a meeting place for the rich and famous. The massively luxurious casino started operations in 1856 and since then has stood for class and sophistication. The princely house of the Monegasque rulers of Monaco had great financial difficulties and decided to build a casino to save the family from ruin. It worked.

In Monte Carlo there are table games of all kinds from different casino cultures. Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat are of course available, but Chemin de Fer or Punto Banco, which are a little less well known in this country, can also be played at the tables. Alternatively, players can also let off steam with video poker or slot machines, so that there is always enough for all guests. What is bizarre is that the residents of Monaco are not allowed to enter this casino. This has been fixed in Monegasque legislation since the 18th century and has not changed to this day.

Crockfords Club

The UK also has a long tradition of gambling. In the 19th century, these were initially exclusive clubs, which then only offered gambling to their members. Founded in London in 1826, Crockfords Club was initially no more than a meeting place for the elite of society. The institution quickly became known and more and more celebrities from all walks of life flocked to the Crockfords Club, which was always careful not to lose one iota of its exclusivity.

Even today, the club is still considered the most exclusive casino in the world. Evening wear is compulsory, men are not admitted without a jacket and shirt. Women proudly show off their prettiest evening dresses here. There are no slot machines in the casino, as the club constantly rejects these games. Only table games of any kind can be found. Crockfords Club also offers live casino games with real croupiers, which are broadcast from the casino, and has thus also built the bridge to modern online casinos.

Conclusion: casino game at the highest level

There are numerous casinos around the world, but the traditions and stories surrounding the oldest casinos are legendary and add to the special charm of gaming events in these places. Taking the time to experience such a place in real life should be an exciting goal for any avid gamer.

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