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Poker Variations: There Are So Many Different Ways To Play Poker At Light Casino & Co!

Poker is probably one of the most diverse and varied card games of all, as can be seen from the different poker variants. Each variant emphasizes different aspects. Texas Hold’em is a particularly popular type of poker and is particularly suitable for learning poker from the ground up. Omaha is a great place to build on Texas Hold’em. Stud Poker is also easy to learn.

An overview of the different poker variants

In the following we would like to present the individual variants in more detail, which have their place in the gambling industry.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is so widespread because it is the simplest poker variant. Many online casinos offer a wide range of this variant in their online poker rooms. Two factors certainly play a major role here.

On the one hand, Texas Hold’em is very easy to learn, on the other hand, the fun factor is always guaranteed here. Still, it’s a long way from advanced player to master. A good understanding of the probabilities of different poker hands is very important for success here.

The field of participants in Texas Hold’em freeroll tournaments without a buy-in is very large. Texas Hold’em No Limit represents the purest form of poker for many players.

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Omaha poker

The full name is Omaha Hold’em. This variant was developed from Texas Hold’em. In this respect, it is not surprising that Omaha is also played with the usual limits for Texas Hold’em and the gameplay is almost identical.

In its different variants, the internationally widespread Omaha is also part of the World Series of Poker. For this reason, almost every provider usually has at least one variant of Omaha online poker in their program. Omaha is very well suited to building directly on Texas Hold’em and using this game variant to learn how to play with Pot Limit

Stud Poker

As the poker film Cincinnati Kid showed, Seven Card Stud evolved from Five Card Stud. In the meantime, this type of poker has almost superseded its origin. Seven Card Stud is often played in the Hi-Lo variant, the players compete individually against the dealer.

Draw Poker

In draw poker, players have the opportunity to swap hand cards. The most likely oldest form of poker is probably the Five Card Draw. This variant is already known to many from old Wild West films , because this type of poker is always played there in the saloon. While the poker game used to be very widespread, nowadays it is mainly played in private circles of friends and is rarely found in online casinos.


Horse or better HORSE consists of the first letters of the other poker variants, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. All five poker variants must be mastered by the players here, since the respective game type changes from round to round. This provides a lot of variety and has also been part of the World Series of Poker since 2002. This means that Horse Poker tournaments are really only suitable for experts on the scene who really have mastered all 5 game variants.

Razz Poker

On the one hand, the Razz Poker game type is identical to Seven Card Stud, but in this variant players aim for a low poker hand. This poker variant is played with a fixed limit and an ante is also common.

Open face poker

This poker variation is also known as Open Face Chinese Poker . This is a modification of Chinese Poker. This variety originated in Finland and spread from there to Russia. Since 2012 this type of game has also been found in the USA and in 2014 the first world championship was held. This poker variant is designed for two to four players.


This clearly shows how varied and multifaceted poker actually is in the end. If you already know the rules of all types of poker, you can challenge yourself at HORSE Poker. Due to the high demands and because this game variant offers a lot of variety, it primarily attracts professionals.

Open Face Chinese Poker also requires great skill and is now one of the latest trends. However, it is currently only available to a few poker rooms.

Draw should also not be completely lost from sight, because this variant is particularly suitable for a successful poker evening at home with friends.

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