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This Is How Electronic Roulette Works

Everyone knows that online roulette offers numerous game options to its users. There are different modalities, all of them with small differences in the mechanics of the game, but equally exciting for their followers. However, there is much more to say besides the changes that occur in their bets or their rules. Its operation can also be determined by the technology used by the system.

Understanding how casino electronic roulette works is important because it will help you better understand a game where the competition and difficulty are very high. In our article today, we are going to delve into how electronic roulette works, a prominent option in online casinos and one that you should always enjoy with the utmost responsibility.

What is electronic roulette?

Electronic roulette is increasingly present in the range of casino games offered by different operators. In a casino offer as wide as that of Casino Barcelona, ​​this option also has its place, of course.

When we talk about electronic roulette we are referring to the variety of roulette in which the ball is not thrown by any real dealer, but rather an automatic system takes care of it. Many might think that the figure of the dealer was essential in online roulette , but you see that this is not the case.

One of the great keys that will lead you to understand how electronic roulette works is that its mechanism is totally random. This is, above all, a total guarantee of safety and reliability for users, since it is impossible to know on which number the ball will stop. Of course, it is also not possible to program it to stop in a specific place or anything like that. In this way, we can say that electronic roulette guarantees that the game is fair without the possibility of cheating.

Keys to the operation of electronic roulette

Electronic roulette appears in the middle of the 20th century, obviously when the technology capable of developing it reliably exists. Very quickly its use spreads through casinos, but it will be with the arrival of online casinos when its presence is reinforced more intensely.

In physical casinos, they had an air blower that launched the balls at a rate of between 60 and 80 times per hour. The wheel was protected with glass to prevent manipulation by the players. This system allowed several users to play at the same time and the bets had to be made on one screen.

In the case of online casinos, the system used is obviously different. All its mechanics are based on the use of a Random Number Generator, a system that is responsible for ensuring that the entire game process is 100% safe and fair. This RNG is in charge of determining at which number the ball will stop on each spin and it does so in a totally random way.

The great strength of this RNG is that it explains how electronic roulette works in online casinos and there is no way to manipulate it. Nothing can be done to stop the ball in the square that interests the player, so its result is totally fair. This system is at the base of Casino Barcelona roulette varieties as followed as the American Premium or the European Roulette .

Beyond the fact of not having to rely on a dealer at all, this generator is the best security guarantee that online roulette has and, therefore, all its users, whatever the modality they choose.

Advantages of electronic roulettes

Now that you know the functions of electronic roulette, it is good that you also know the benefits that it offers users with respect to the conventional systems of physical casinos. These are its main advantages:

  • Comfort: it is the player who decides where and how to play, without having to move and avoiding the pressure of having the rest of the players next to them. Electronic roulette allows you to play with the highest quality from wherever you are and that can help you improve your decision-making in the different situations that arise. Of course, you also reduce waiting times.
  • Randomness: We have already highlighted that the use of this random number generator is the big difference compared to physical casino roulette wheels. As there is no manipulation option, the security and reliability of electronic roulette is much greater. In fact, the law regulates many of these aspects so that the prizes are distributed and thus slightly improve the justice of the system.
  • Simplicity: electronic roulettes make the game very easy for users. In many of the modalities that you will find in Casino Barcelona, ​​such as, for example, Quantum Roulette , you do not need a great deal of experience to be able to play and have fun. Along with this, we must also highlight the enormous autonomy that players enjoy, thanks to which they can thoroughly explore the game and choose the bets that interest them the most.
  • Variety: without a doubt, electronic roulettes offer a wide universe of options to their followers both in graphic effects, such as 3D technology and many other issues. With all this, not only are the opportunities for the player expanded, but they also improve their experience and favor their entertainment. Along with this, its spending limit and betting options favor responsible gaming.

Special combinations for electronic roulette

We have already seen that electronic roulette has a good number of peculiarities that make it special. Some of the bets that you can make in its different modalities are the horse, the dozen, the pair or the column. They are joined by others with different options to give you good results:

  • Triangle 22, 25, vertex zero: it is made up of 17 numbers, 9 on the left, 7 on the right plus zero.
  • Sector 23: with this option a good part of the possibilities with which you can win are covered. You can get to cover 23 numbers with only 13 chips instead of betting 23 in the plenary.
  • Small Roulette: in this case, the numbers surrounding 0 are covered, that is, four on each side ranging from 12 to 19.
  • Fans: you must place your bet on the 8 numbers that are between the vertex 0, the crescent (from 27 to 33), 5 to the right (9, 14, 31, 21, 1) and 3 to the left (17, 34 and 6).
  • Medialuna 27/33: you must bet on the numbers that are on the opposite side of zero on the roulette wheel. These are the ones that go from 27 to 33, both included.
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