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Tips And Tricks For Greyhound Betting

Greyhound betting is not extremely popular in Spain, although there is a niche of the public who are very fond of this type of sport. That is why they can be a highly recommended option when making our forecasts.

In this article, we will learn what greyhound racing is, how to bet on it, what types of bets can be made, how to analyze the results and how to win more easily.

What Is Greyhound Racing?

A greyhound race is a sport that takes place on dog tracks and where greyhounds compete, a breed of dog with an athletic and very agile complexion. These dogs run chasing an artificial hare that is what motivates them to complete the circuit. The first to reach the finish line is the winner.

Where To Place Greyhound Bets?

In Spain, you can bet in person at the dog tracks, while online we can place bets at any bookmaker. We simply have to go to the “greyhound racing” section and select the one we want from those that are available.

Greyhounds Luckia Betting

At the Luckia betting house, they are constantly striving to improve the offer of sports and events to bet on, positioning themselves at the top of the market in terms of a variety of bets to play.

In the case of greyhound racing bets, they have just expanded their market and will offer an average of 8 tracks to bet on, for a total of approximately 80 races per day. It is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for experts in greyhound racing, who will be able to choose between multiple options thanks to Luckia.

The types of bets offered by Luckia for these races are winner, twin, reversible twin, triplet and reversible triplet :

  • The winner is simply the greyhound that finishes the race in 1st position. Twin is more complicated to hit and consists of predicting the greyhound that will finish in 1st position and also the one that will finish in 2nd.
  • Easier is the reversible twin, in which you have to hit the 2 greyhounds that will finish in the first 2 places regardless of the order.
  • The trio is extremely complicated but it pays very well, it consists of getting it right and in order which dogs will finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.
  • The reversible trio is a very interesting bet since it requires hitting which 3 dogs will finish in the first positions, regardless of the order, which means a total of 6 different combinations.

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William Hill Greyhounds Betting

William Hill as a good house of British origin, could not ignore greyhound racing and is also specialized in this type of bets so popular in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia mainly.

William Hill has an extensive greyhound racing program, which we can also view for a more exciting betting experience.

Sportium Greyhound Betting

At Sportium, greyhound racing also plays an important role, and at this bookmaker, we see a wide repertoire of options to bet on. In the same way that happens with Luckia, in Sportium we are offered the possibility of playing winner, twin, reversible gamela, trio and reversible trio.

How Does Greyhound Betting Work?

To know how greyhound bets work, it is essential to be clear about what certain concepts that will appear when placing a bet mean.

Current And Previous Ranking (grade)

The classification of greyhounds is called “grade”. There are up to 9 degrees in greyhound racing (A1-A9) depending on the number of points that the dog in question has, who is adding points according to the positions in which he remains in the different races. Among the A1-A3 would be found the best, the elite of greyhound racing.

In this case, it is important not only to know its current classification but also the evolution that it has been offering in recent times, in order to establish a trend and obtain time averages and possible margins for improvement.

Exit Drawer (trap)

This factor, which refers to where each greyhound will start from in the race, is the one that most influences when it comes to knowing where to bet.

The circuits usually have 3 main areas:

  • Inner rail
  • Center Lane
  • Outer rail

In this case, we must take into account which of the lanes the greyhound on which we have bet will come out and, from there, analyze all its statistics in this regard. For example, what results have you obtained starting from that lane, how you usually behave in the race starting from there or if that area usually favors you and under what conditions?

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Types Of Greyhound Bets

The main type of bet in a greyhound race is the winner of it, however, since the favourite does not usually win even in 1 out of 3 races, it is necessary to opt for other types of markets, such as :

  • Winner: the greyhound that finishes 1st
  • Second (place): the greyhound that finishes 1st or 2nd
  • Third (show): the greyhound that finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  • Imperfect pool: the first 2 classifieds, regardless of order
  • Exact: exact order of the 1st and 2nd classified
  • Trifecta: exact order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd classified
  • Super perfect: exact order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classified
  • Double: winner in 2 consecutive races
  • Triple: winner in 3 consecutive races

Here it is best to combine a simple bet (the first 3 types) that offers better odds with a type of bet that provides greater chances of hitting (the rest of the modalities).

How To Win Greyhound Bets?

To try to win greyhound bets we need to follow a series of recommendations that will help us when making any forecast.

Track Characteristics And Conditions

The usual thing is that several greyhound races are held in a row with a time margin between them of no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, it is important to follow those races and see first-hand how the track is or if there is any pattern that affects the performance of the greyhounds, since, for example, the rain will favour the dogs that go through the lanes outside, while the cold will favour those on the inside lanes.

Specialization In Few Circuits

Over 100 greyhound races can be held every day around the world, so trying to bet on all of them to cover as much as possible is a mistake. As in other sports, it is best to specialize in certain circuits and become an expert who knows each section and the possible behaviors of greyhounds in any situation.

Adapt To Age And Gender

The years of greatest physical splendour for a greyhound occur between 4 and 6 years, so from that figure they begin to slow down due, of course, to age. It should also be taken into account that females withdraw from the races while they are breastfeeding, however, on their return, they tend to be faster due to the hormonal changes produced in their body.

The Importance Of Mastering Statistics

This factor is common to any sports bet since it is essential that we have knowledge and statistical base about the sport we are going to bet on, in order to try to anticipate possible results and improve our forecasts.

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How To Analyze The Results Of Greyhound Racing?

Analyzing the results of the greyhound races already held will help us to prepare a statistical report where we can discover and check all kinds of patterns. It will be from this information that we will be able to establish the conditions that must be met so that a certain greyhound offers its best performance and is closer to winning or being in a certain position, which will directly affect our type of bet.

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