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Review Top 5 Real Money Bingo Casinos Online For The Spring Of 2022

Bingo fans have enjoyed this game for hundreds of years, but can we look into our crystal ball to see what the future holds for it now that it has gone digital? We explore the recent history of this game, how it has evolved and the possible future of online bingo games.

Bingo Goes Online

As the industry struggled to keep bingo halls open, the game became incredibly popular on the internet. The first online bingo gaming website, Bingo Zone, was launched in the 1990s. It was a free website, which meant that players received no prizes, but it was technically the first time I could play bingo online.

Since then, many other companies have created their bingo websites or offered the game as part of their library of online casino games, which meant that players began to have many more options to play. By ensuring that the real-world gaming experience was maintained and that players could continue to interact through various online chat features, the foundation was laid for the game to grow in cyberspace. And, of course, it has not stopped growing!

4 Reasons why Online Bingo brings people together

Playing online is comfortable and accessible

Of course, putting on a nice one and going to a bingo hall or club has its charm. But, even if you are used to spending a fun night with him, that does not have to change playing online. Who said you couldn’t wear those fabulous new shoes while playing bingo in your own home? And besides, who doesn’t love being able to relax without having to worry about the hassle of getting dressed and leaving the house when you want to stay or have no choice but to? With online bingo, you can stay at home, put on your favorite clothes and have a game of bingo too! As we see it, everyone wins.

When you play online, you only have to worry about the numbers that come up. And today, not even that! Most websites and apps can cross off the numbers for you (hail modern technology!). So you don’t have to worry about the game while chatting with your bingo buddies.

As ridiculous as it may seem to imagine places with no rooms for people to play bingo, they exist. In those cases, online bingo is a great solution!

Making new friends has never been so easy

Who says that playing online games is not sociable? For many people, it’s the best and easiest way to meet other people, make friends, and chat with other gamers from all over the country if there’s any reason that prevents them from going out and doing it the other way.

Many online bingo websites offer chat rooms and even chat bingo, which is great if you like a bit of small talk while you play. And the best thing is that you can make friends and talk with people who have the same tastes as you.

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Playing online is a fun thing to do with friends

You can still enjoy a night of bingo with your friends even when you are not together! Yes, you heard right. You can connect by Zoom, Skype, or any other video conferencing application and play simultaneously on the bingo website of your choice!

Since bingo is a game for everyone, you never know which one of your buddies might get the hang of it and win! Some bingo websites even allow you to set up private chats. You will be able to chat with your friends without worrying about having to cut yourself a lot; no one else has to find out about that private joke of yours…

Thinking about it, who says that playing online implies not adopting some clothing? Why not put a festive spin on it and force each of you to wear some silly or provocative outfit every time you get together to play? It’s sure to liven up the conversation and make everything even funnier and funnier in a game that already prides itself on its innuendo and puns.

Bingo nights can now be anywhere

Group of friends enjoy laughing at a game of online bingo on a laptop while sitting on the sofa at home.

You won’t have to wait any longer for “bingo night”. With online bingo, playing with balls (no dirty thoughts!) and keeping track of all the numbers that come up doesn’t have to happen at a certain time and place. Every day can be a bingo day!

Mobile apps make it even easier to play online games. Now it is possible to play bingo wherever you are, even in the bathroom (if you’re having dirty thoughts right now, we take the blame) or in bed or traveling or while watching TV… You get it, don’t you?

Top 5 Real Money Bingo Casinos Online

Here we mention some of the Bingo Casinos Online and their pros and cons for playing online bingo.

1. Pinnacle Casino – An immersive live casino experience


  • Bingo slots available
  • Good selection of casino games
  • Best sports betting odds
  • Live casino available
  • An old and reputable company


  • Real bingo rooms not available yet

2. StickyWilds Bingo Casino Review


  • Payments with crypto
  • Best casino games available
  • Great welcome offer


  • Bingo rooms not available

3. MariaCasino Review


  • Bingo rooms available
  • Good selection of bingo games
  • Convenient game filters
  • Various bonuses available


  • Sports betting is not available

4. 888 stars Review


  • Huge selection of bingo rooms
  • Live bingo games
  • Bingo slots available
  • Crypto payments
  • Best casino games available
  • Sports betting


  • Some payment methods may not be available for certain countries

5. Unibet Review


  • Sportsbook and casino available
  • Bingo rooms available
  • Jackpot bingo games
  • Website available in many languages
  • Good selection of bonuses


  • No crypto payments
  • Some countries are restricted

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