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What Are The Betting Bonuses?

When choosing a bookmaker, there are many advantages that you should look at to choose it. One of the main ones is to look to see what benefits you can get by betting regularly. here you will be up to date with the best offers on the market. We explain below what betting bonuses are, how you can get them, and how you can release them.

What Are The Betting Bonuses?

A betting bonus is a reward in the form of credits that at Betsson we offer to our users to improve their betting experience. These bonuses can be for both new users and existing customers. Bonuses are usually granted in the form of credits (play money) with which you can play and which, after fulfilling certain conditions, you can convert into real money. There are several types of bonuses, which we are going to present to you below:

The Welcome Bonus At Freebets

It is a type of reward in the form of a free bet. This reward is delivered by the bookmaker to users, after fulfilling the initial requirements indicated in each promotion. In the case of the welcome offer, the user will receive his Freebet with the first deposit, selecting the option “Sports betting” and being able to receive:

  • 1 € 10 Freebet depositing between € 10 and € 24.99
  • 1 € 25 Freebet depositing between € 25 and € 49.99
  • 1 € 50 Freebet depositing between € 50 and € 99.99
  • 2 € 50 Freebets depositing € 100 or more

The key is that the user loses absolutely nothing since Freebet can be used regardless of the balance deposited. All you have to do is win the bet made and the net profits will be converted into a bonus balance. In order to withdraw the bonus balance, a total of 10 times the bonus amount received must be played at a minimum fee of 2.00.

Bonuses And No Deposit Offers

Unlike the welcome bonus, these bonuses can be obtained in various ways and are for all users. At Betsson you can get them in different ways:

  • Points Program betting bonuses: Betting at Betsson has a lot of advantages, among which is the Points Program. Every time you play using real money, you will earn points that you can exchange for betting bonuses. For every € 10 played in sports bets, you will accumulate 1 Betsson point. Every 100 Betsson points (minimum redeemable) can be exchanged for a € 1 bonus to choose between a casino bonus or sports betting bonus.
  • Improved combinations: If you are a fan of combined bets or parlays, Betsson. Is your best option to make them, since you can increase their value up to 100%, that is, double! To do this, you will have to follow the conditions of the promotion, which establishes that, for each combined bet that you make of at least 5 selections, at odds 1.20 or higher, you will see how your prize is automatically increased up to 100% (making 27 selections). The extra win is credited directly with the same type of balance used for betting.
  • Promotional bonuses: Finally, we invite you to be very attentive to the promotions that we launch each week for our users since you can bet without risk in various events, with the possibility of receiving your lost bet back in the form of a bonus. These types of promotional bonuses are usually offered for important events such as Champions League matches, the Classic, the Derbies, the NBA finals, and various finals of major tennis tournaments.

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