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What Are The Main Symbols In The Slots?

Slots are, par excellence, one of the most famous casino games. They began to gain fame physically in the famous slot machines, and later they made the leap to the online world.

Analog and digital slots have many elements in common. However, online slots have special symbols that allow the player to increase their chances of winning. In today’s post we are going to see what the wild and scatter elements are, two of the main symbols in slots, and how to interpret them when they appear in the game. Don’t miss it!

Símbolo Wild

This symbol is one of the most important in slots. The design varies from one slot to another, but its function is that of a wild card. The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol in the game (except the scatter) to help players improve their lines and thus increase their prizes. This wildcard can appear in the following forms:

  • Walking wild: Here the wild card changes position after each roll. Depending on the slot, the joker moves in one direction or another, and they usually offer free spins. Once the symbol disappears from the screen, we play again without extra prizes.
  • Sticky wild: Unlike the walking, when this wild appears it stays “stuck” in the same location during the next spins, making it easier for the player to increase their prizes.
  • Expanding wild: As its name suggests, this wild symbol expands across the reel. Your goal is to transform other symbols into wilds and thus increase the player’s chance of winning.
  • Stacked wilds: The stacked wilds or stacked wilds are very easy to recognize, since you see many symbols on the screen stacked on top of each other, These symbols cover a large part of the reel or, in some cases, the entire reel, so they make the earning potential increase exponentially.

Símbolo Scatter

This symbol is, along with the wild symbol, the most important of the slot machines. Like the wild symbol, it often gives players free spins or access to bonus games. Not all scatter symbols work the same, it depends on the slot they are in. For this reason, it is very important that you look at the payout table of the slot you are going to play to see how the scatter works and what symbol it represents. These symbols are more attractive to players, as the prizes won are usually higher.

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