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What Is Dutching In Betting?

Dutching is a type of strategy in the betting world that consists of dividing your stake to place bets with several options on the same event, with the aim of achieving the same profits .

At first it may seem like a safe bet, but you should NOT confuse it since it is not the same. What we want with the dutching strategy is to achieve the same benefit. The key to succeed in this strategy is to calculate the stake since we must bet a different amount on each option if we want to have the same final benefit.

Everything is better understood with examples, right? So let’s get to it:

“If we bet in the quarter-finals of the Champions League that Real Madrid win against Liverpool in the first leg, but we want to make sure we hit the bet, then we will bet on the exact result 1-0, 2-1 or 2 -0, betting a different amount on each market in order to get the same profit”

How do we calculate dutching in bets?

For a betting dutching strategy to work, you must add all the probabilities of the different options that are going to be marked within the same event and divide the total between each of them. After this, the result of the stake must be multiplied and the final result will be the amount that must be played on each bet.

Let’s take another example, now with basketball:

“We bet in the NBA in favor of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Miami Heat. We selected ‘Lakers win the game’ by a margin of 4-8 points in favor and the first half with the most points”

1. We calculate the probability of each odd

It is divided 100/quota:

  • Los Angeles Lakers win: 3.00 to 100/3 = 33.33%
  • By 4-8 points in favor of the Lakers: 6.00 to 100/6 = 16.66%
  • First half with more points: 2.50 to 100/2.5 = 40%

2. We add the probabilities

  • 33.33% + 16.66% + 40% = 89.99%

3. We calculate the stake percentage by dividing the probability by the total and multiplying by 100

  • Los Angeles Lakers win: 33.33% / 89.99% x 100 = 37.04%
  • By 4-8 points in favor of the Lakers: 16.66% / 89.99% x 100 = 18.51%
  • First half with more points: 40% / 89.99% x 100= 44.49%

4. We multiply the result by the total stake

  • Los Angeles Lakers win: 20 x 37.04% = €7.41
  • For 4-8 points in favor of the Lakers: 20 x 18.51% = €3.70
  • First half with more points: 20 x 44.49% = €8.90

5. We already have the final stake!

You already know how to carry out a dutching strategy ensuring your stake with these simple steps. If you like the world of betting and want to learn more, you cannot miss the post where we talk about the stake in betting : how the bettor assigns the risk to his bet.

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