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What Is Quantum Roulette?

Live roulette is one of the main attractions of online casinos. There is nothing more exciting than watching real dealers roll the ball live and comment on the plays. Within the world of roulette there are many types, each with its own special characteristics. In today’s post we are going to talk about Quantum roulette, one of the best Playtech live roulettes.

Quantum roulette is characterized by being a virtual roulette with a real dealer, that is, the ball is launched automatically and the role of the dealer is to direct the game and interact with the players who speak through the chat. One of the differential elements of this roulette is its multipliers, offering bonuses of up to x500 the player’s bet. These multipliers are only activated on straight bets, so if you make any other bets (odd/even, columns, color…) the multiplier is not taken into account.

Pros and cons

The pro par excellence of this roulette is its multipliers, since they give you the possibility of having a much higher price than the rest of the roulettes offer. In addition, its 24/7 availability and its futuristic appearance make this roulette one of the most demanded by our casino players.

As for the cons, the main drawback is that the multiplier is only activated on straight bets (bets on a single number). Also, at the moment it only has the European version and does not have a demo mode so that players can try it before deciding if they want to bet on it.

How to play Quantum Roulette?

The way Quantum Roulette is played is practically identical to the other live roulettes, except that the ball is launched automatically. Once the dealer announces that the bets are open, you have to place the bet you are going to play with, and when the time runs out the multipliers will appear. These can range from x50 to x500 and are randomly assigned to one of the 37 numbers on the table.

After this, the ball is launched and once it stops at a number, it is checked if the players have won or lost their bets and the corresponding amounts are paid. Then it starts again.

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