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What Is Rollover In Betting? Get To Know It!

Knowing the terminology of betting is essential to launch yourself into it. There are terms such as registration, deposit, or welcome bonuses that are essential, but if you already know them, knowing what rollover is in betting is key. It is probably a question that many people ask themselves, but few know the technical name. Do you want to know what it is?

In short, the rollover in bets is the conditions that you must meet in order to release the welcome bonus. A question that many people ask is: “If I deposit € 20 and they give me € 20, will I be able to withdraw € 40 and win € 20?” Obviously, this is not so. Otherwise, many people would do it and it would not fulfill the function of the welcome bonuses.

Among many others, the role of welcome bonuses is that you learn to bet correctly and that you do not burn your entry budget. It is what will prevent you from spending months and months just reading betting tips, tricks to win more with your sports bets, and other articles, but never dare to take the step.

On the other hand, they will help you not jump in and play a large sum of money with little knowledge. They will be very useful if you are one of those who believes that “you learn to play by playing” because you will learn by playing but with money that is only partially yours. And when I am tired of playing and want to withdraw? If you’ve used the welcome bonuses, this is where betting rollover comes in.

How Much Is The Rollover Of Bets At Sportium?

The terms of the betting rollover at Sportium are very clear. And, in turn, they will serve as an example to finish understanding very well what rollover is in betting. In order to release the Bonus, you must put into play at least once the same amount that has been assigned to you in Bonus in one or more bets whose odds are 1.50 or higher.

Let’s go with a practical example of what rollover is in these bets. If we deposit € 20, we will get € 20. With this, we must play € 20 of our real balance (not bonus) in bets to be able to release those € 20 of said bonus, as long as they are bets with a quota greater than € 1.50. In the terms and conditions of use, you will have all the information about the conditions of the vouchers and the operation of the rollover.

Welcome Bonuses: The Advantages

If you really like playing online and you meet a basic condition (the money you are going to bet you don’t need, it is outside of your day to day life), the welcome bonuses will be very useful. Apart from having one more cartridge in the chamber to learn how the bets work, they have many more advantages:

  • They allow you to bend the house advantage: In betting, there is an RTP that gives a margin for the house. Normally, for every € 10 played, they will return between € 9 and € 9.5 depending on the market, if you do not do it significantly well (you will win) or badly (you will lose). But if you have € 20 having deposited only € 10 and you manage your game well… you will have a lot of margins!
  • You will collect much more data: It is very useful to keep a record of your bets: You will not be able to withdraw the money from the deposit before complying with the rollover in bets, but you can use it to obtain very valuable data: which markets work best for you? What kind of bets?
  • A psychological advantage: Knowing that you don’t lose your money directly if a bet goes wrong can provide relief and allow you to make good decisions.
  • Withdraw the Bonus: It is important that you bet for fun and that you do not have the money you can win in bets, but it does not hurt to mention it. If you meet the rollover conditions in your sports bets and you have done things well and have been lucky, you will be able to take the bonus, which will be intact or at least mostly.
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