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What Is RTP In slots?

When choosing a slot machine there are several factors that need to be taken into account. One of the most important is undoubtedly represented by the RTP index , which allows users to roughly predict the magnitude and frequency of potential winnings at that particular game. The higher the RTP, the more convenient the slot is and reduces the risk of losing money. RTPs are actually payment percentages that vary periodically, based on the amount disbursed and the amount played. It goes without saying that less experienced players tend to prefer slots with higher RTP in the early days, but always keep in mind that winnings are never guaranteed.

RTP Slot: what it is and what it means

“RTP” stands for “ Return to Player ” and indicates the return to the player that is ensured by a specific slot. In relation to the proceeds of a game, the percentage returned to the user in the form of winnings changes. A slot machine with an RTP of 96% should theoretically return 96 coins out of the 100 embedded, for example. The basic principle, however, is related to the total sessions carried out on that slot and is not based on a single standard game, during which free spins and various bonuses can be activated. The value of the RTP is established through a series of sessions in which the maximum stake on all paylines has been selected. The RTP is theoretical information that finds confirmation in the long run, which is why it is useful for the most assiduous players, while it could mislead the occasional ones. Although at first glance it might seem complicated to decipher it, the RTP is not necessarily a matter for the gurus of the sector: even the most common players, once they have accumulated some experience, rely on this percentage to get an idea of ​​what the game will be like. their gaming experience.

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How to choose the RTP

RTP helps players find out how many odds a slot offers, which must always publicly state the percentage. Typically, the RTP is found to be particularly beneficial when it exceeds 95% . Generally, all games with an RTP greater than 95% are considered favorable. Knowing only the RTP of a slot, however, is not enough: applying math in online slot machines means venturing through various parameters and calculations. Another fundamental concept lies in volatility , which indicates the frequency of possible winnings through a ratio between the times you bet and the times you receive prizes. If the volatility of a slot is low, therefore, numerous and long gaming sessions will be required to obtain what the RTP suggests, although the value of the same may be high. It must also be considered that online slots enjoy cheaper RTP than terrestrial ones, whose average RTP is in fact 75%, as on digital platforms the costs are less consistent and consequently the players start a game more frequently. .

How the RTP Slot works

RTPs are theoretical because they refer to a mathematical scenario in which no limits are set, but in practice no one can afford to play continuously until he receives at least what is indicated by the percentage, which would still be lower than the base bet. The software houses that determine the RTPs never calculate the individual sessions, but formulate a long-term average . Often, therefore, the individual results obtained in a slot are not in line with the announced RTP. The presence of jackpots can make a difference: progressive jackpot slots which carry a lower RTP than others, but which offer much higher prize pools than the maximum winnings guaranteed by other games, are sometimes preferred by more experienced players. It all depends on the needs of the users. Those who are hunting for multiple but modest prizes will look at the RTP index, while those willing to play for a long time to try to break the bank will have to use the slot pay table as a reference point.

Why always check the RTP

In medio stat virtus: the right compromise between RTP and jackpot is suitable for all types of players, because the win rate is constant and the winnings are not the lowest. The study behind the formulation of the RTP, however, is much more sophisticated than one might think. This is not a figure established on the spot by the provider: the return based on the bet can therefore change from one game to another . Clearly, the characteristic features of each slot and the various details such as the requirements to obtain free spins are beyond a purely mathematical discourse, but for those who look at the slot with a scientific eye, the RTP is never to be underestimated.

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