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Blackjack Insurance: When And Why It Is Convenient To Use It

The game of blackjack is not as simple and intuitive as many may think. The game of black jack is full of particular rules that are not applied in all casinos, but which are still known by the best blackjack players in the world. Insurance is certainly one of these particular rules . While insurance is not available for purchase as a side bet at all casinos, many of those that offer live online blackjack games can be obtained instead. While for game purists it is considered a meager consolation, it is always a cover for the player who has to control their bankroll.

What is blackjack insurance

Insurance in blackjack can call it just like a side bets blackjack . In fact it is actually a secondary or side bet that is granted to the player who wants to have their bankroll under control . The insurance, with special exceptions based on internal casino rules, always pays 2: 1 .

Very often when the cards are dealt it is immediately understood whether or not the hand is the lucky one. Just look at your first card or the dealer’s up card to immediately realize it. When the dealer’s up card is an ace, the odds are high that he will hit blackjack and that’s where insurance in blackjack comes from.

How does it work

The fundamental rule that must always be respected when you want to place a secondary bet of this type is that it must be made before confirming your hand. When the dealer deals cards to both the player and himself, there is a chance the dealer will get an ace .

Only when the dealer has an ace up card can the insurance side bet be declared in blackjack . On any other occasion, this secondary bet cannot be made. Blackjack insurance varies from casino to casino and can range from 20% up to 50% of the initial stake.

When this bet starts, the dealer will check the whole card by making a peek . It literally means ” peek ” and that’s exactly what the dealer will do.

When playing at a table with several people in a physical casino, the dealer will declare open the possibility of insuring through a classic phrase that is said aloud to all players: insurance open or active insurance.

Starting with the player on the right of the table, everyone will have to decide whether to secure their hand or leave the game in its classic state. Being a casino card game between dealer and player, everyone can arbitrarily decide whether or not to activate the insurance, regardless of what the other players do. When everyone has decided what to do and the dealer will declare the insurance closed , that is, the insurance has ended, there will be no more room for second thoughts.

Examples of insurance in blackjack

You can do several examples with different sums but the most evident and certain results when you make insurance in blackjack are only 6. However, you must first give some rules to better understand the examples. The initial stake will be € 10 while the insurance will have a value of 20% or € 2.

When is blackjack insurance worth it?

As with all the best advanced blackjack strategies , even in this case it is not possible to define with certainty whether it is the best for each game, but we can certainly say if and when blackjack insurance is worthwhile . Insurance is only worthwhile if you have cards in your hand that cannot form a blackjack, as well as other players’ cards. If all the players at the table have more or less low cards, there is a better chance that the dealer will hit blackjack. Only on this occasion, however, is it advantageous to use the side bet in question, unless you want to take a chance and try your luck. Some special cases of casino scams they see as profitable and advantageous are the use of insurance using the classic cheating method: counting cards in blackjack .

In general, however, insurance in blackjack is slightly disadvantageous for the player and therefore hardly ever affordable. If this strategy involves hedging part of the bet only when the dealer BJ is done, you need to understand what the odds are . Generally the chance of the dealer having blackjack is very low. This probability is heavily based on the number of decks used for the game, but also on the number of players and the cards already dealt to them.

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