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The Best Poker Apps For Android And iOS 2020

Poker games are one of the most common online store downloads in mobile applications because they are easy to use and play, so we bring you the best apps of Poker for free for Android and iOs this year. Thanks to them you will be able to enjoy and download any poker game that you want and completely free of charge.

Appeak Poker: The Most Popular Poker App In The USA

Of course, Appeak Poker is still our top pick for free poker apps for both mobile and other devices. Since this poker app has an incredibly simple interface that makes online gambling very bearable.

Today’s Most Famous Poker App: Appeak Poker

The application offers you an option to install and play immediately (Play Now / Play Now), in addition to Sit & Go, Bingo Bango, Double-Ups, and MTTs.

Appeak Poker App also offers you a couple of unique features, such as the Duel functionality, where you will play against another player representing their country. It’s all fun, but the Play Now button is the one most people use to start playing.

The poker app also offers a highly competitive ranking for those looking for challenges. One of the best qualities of Appeak Poker is that it is not a messy poker app, and you will not find advertising to buy chips.

Appeak hasn’t changed much in recent years, but it’s still one of the fastest poker experiences. This year the site has also added customizable avatars, which adds a new twist. To top it off, there is Chinese support to attract new players and it allows you to play real money online poker on the phone.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Size: 27 MB.
  • Type: Casual poker game.
  • Released: 2013.
  • Spam level: low.
  • Pro: Simple online poker.
  • Cons: Difficulty finding tournaments.

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SnapShove: More Than A Poker App

SnapShove is the best tool to enjoy online gaming, with nothing to envy to the most popular poker applications

SnapShove is a Poker App created by poker pro-Max Silver, and it could be one of your favorite poker apps once you try it. This is a tool, not a game, but it has many things that it can be useful for.

If you want to improve your ranges when it comes to pushing the chips to the center or leaving the hand, then there is no better poker app than SnapShove. We also love its interface, since it is very simplified and we hope that more applications for playing poker will get closer to that.

The free version of SnapShove gives you access to calculators in games of 9 and 6 players, as well as training. We especially like the training options, as it is a quick way to improve our strategy.

SnapShove Pro costs $ 14.99, but it gives you access to a calculator with any number of players, plus more training options. It is very likely that, after trying it, you will later decide to buy the Pro version of SnapShove.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Size: 61 MB.
  • Type: Strategy tool.
  • Released: 2016.
  • Spam level: low.
  • Pro: Great tool for learning about poker ($ 14.99).
  • Cons: Limited free version. Politaire

Politaire App Poker: Perfect For Relaxing

The Poker Politaire app is the perfect combo between poker and solitaire,

Do you want to enjoy your free time with a game of poker? Look no further and install Politaire .

Politaire is simply a combination of poker and solitaire, so if you have a taste for both games you are sure to enjoy it.

The objective of the game of this type of poker application is to form hands of five cards, discarding up to three of your cards while playing with the deck of 52 cards. You can also create Bejeweled-like combinations by having cards in your hand and completing a hand with entirely new cards.

Politaire is one of the most elegant poker apps, with a minimalist color scheme that is quite rare in the world of poker applications. Download poker and this game is completely free, but you can buy the version with two decks of cards for $ 1.99.

It’s just plain fun. Also, a decent way to pay off your hands if you have no prior poker app experience.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Size: 51.1 mb.
  • Type: Casual poker game.
  • Released: 2016.
  • Spam level: low.
  • Pro: Simple, lots of fun.World Poker Club for mobile

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World Poker Club: An Ideal Poker App For The WSOP

World Poker Club is one of the most standard poker apps, but with a killer feature: it brings an innovative gesture system.

The gesture system of the World Poker Club poker app leaves no one indifferent

While the poker app has the normal “Check / Bet / Fold” buttons, it also has touch-based gestures for each one. A double-tap means that you have called the bet or passed to the bet (check/call). Shaking the device up means giving up and slowly sliding down will allow you to make a climb.

Functions that surprise, and that surely we will soon see in other mobile poker applications in the future.

World Poker Tour has a considerable amount of ads, but it is worth downloading it just to test the gesture system, as it can be a change when it comes to understanding the concept of the best mobile poker games.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Size: 95 MB.
  • Type: Casual poker game.
  • Released: 2016.
  • Spam level: High.
  • Pro: Innovative gesture system.
  • Cons: A medium game.
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