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Exciting Browser Games For 2022

Browser games can be started quickly and are mostly available without download and installation. There are many different games that belong to this genre. We introduce you to some particularly good titles and explain what makes them so special.

Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empire you go into the Middle Ages and build up your own empire step by step. It is important to fend off enemies and expand your empire. You also have the opportunity to form alliances and thus benefit from further advantages. But over time, other ages are reached, so that you lead your people through the centuries. In Forge of Empires you will be faced with a wide variety of tasks, all of which you have to do very well so that the people in your city are happy.

Game of Thrones

The popular TV series Game Of Thrones has captivated millions of viewers. So it is not surprising that a suitable browser game has also been published. You have to fend off false governors and continue to expand your own city. The beauty is that you can choose many characters from the series to control.

Left to Survive

In the browser game Left to Survive, the world was taken over by the undead. However, a small minority of people are still fiercely resisting. You lead them and have to equip your warriors with various armor. So you compete against other players all over the world in so-called PvP matches.

Taonga the island farm

This browser game called Taonga the island farm looks very colorful. First you build your own bungalow and grow your own vegetables and fruit. You will also have various other tasks. Among other things, you have to trade with your neighbors and build a harbor for it.

Total battle

Total Battle is a so-called tactical war game. You must expand your fortress quickly. This will protect you from enemies and build a powerful army. At various times you can attack other players on the world map and join a clan at any time to become even more powerful. Among other things, you have to mine wood, iron or stone in order to expand your buildings. You also start this game directly in your browser and only have to enter an email address and a password.

This was just a small selection of browser games that you should definitely take a look at. The nice thing is that you don’t use up any free disk space for this. Because most of these games do not have to be installed, they are simply started via the browser, as the name suggests. In addition, they are completely free.

Online Casino

In the online casino you will find many great slots. In addition, you can play roulette online and start many other classics, such as poker or baccarat. Sometimes there are real dealers, so you feel like you’re sitting in a real arcade, although you’re actually sitting on your desk chair or on the sofa.

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