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Casino Software Explained: How Online Gambling Software Works

Due to the constantly increasing demand for gambling platforms on the Internet, the number of online casinos is constantly increasing. Many of the portals can hardly be distinguished. While the thematic design of the websites and the design vary significantly, as a player you often get the feeling that many online casinos somehow feel the same.

The software behind the respective online casino is one reason for this. It determines which games are offered on a platform, but also ultimately what your chances of winning as a player are. Reason enough for us to take a look at the software of the online gambling halls and investigate a little more closely what is really behind the popular leisure venues on the Internet.

The basis for online gaming pleasure: the casino software

In most cases, players who find themselves on a new casino portal do not necessarily think of the software behind it. Rather, we as players are interested in the games on offer (which, by the way, are part of the software – but more on that later) and the various special offers and promotions on the platforms. It is often enough if you play games for free with a no deposit casino bonus .

What is actually much more important in an online casino are security factors and software conditions. In terms of software, casino providers have a number of options for designing their platform. The provider can either develop all the software and games themselves, or they can buy ready-made games and use entire platform skins.

Depending on which model the provider chooses, there are different advantages and disadvantages. With primarily independent development, players are offered something extraordinary. With ready-made games and skins, on the other hand, there is less originality, but there is usually a much larger selection in the games and a certain security for the casino visitor, who quickly feels comfortable with the games of well-known and renowned game developers.

The basis of all casino games: the random number generators

No matter who develops the games for an online casino, the basis for all gambling on the Internet are the so-called random number generators. As the name suggests, they generate random events. They are used in all types of games, both slots and table games.

The basis for digital random number generators are mathematical algorithms that generate events according to complex formulas, which are then converted into game results via programming. In other words, behind the symbol that appears on the playing field when you play a slot is a function that generates random events based on certain algorithms. These algorithms cannot be influenced, so security and fairness are guaranteed – both for you as a player and for the casino provider.

The house advantage or the payout rate of the machines is predetermined. The outcome of the game is therefore on the one hand completely random, but on the other hand it always lies within certain limits and parameters that ensure that you can actually win something in the end. For precisely this reason, from a mathematical point of view, random generators are also so-called quasi- or pseudo-random generators . You don’t have to worry about fairness and chances of winning! The distinction is merely a mathematical formality and has no relevance to you as a casino visitor.

Gaming Software and Provider

Anyone who stays in different online casinos will quickly find that there are a handful of providers that are represented on the majority of platforms. If you have not yet had in-depth experience with various game providers, it is advisable to stick to these well-known and reputable game developers.

By the way, the game developers do not have to come from Germany or the German-speaking area, even if there are of course many local providers who convince with their games. Under the umbrella of the Gauselmann Group alone, countless top slots are united under the logo of the smiling sun from Merkur. In the meantime, Novomatic from Austria has also made it into the international casino world with its Novoline and Greentube games.

Other well-known names in the gaming industry are Microgaming and NetEnt, but providers such as Play’n GO, BetSoft and Pragmatic Play are now among the big names in the iGaming scene. They are mostly interesting because of their progressive games. The games are linked to one another worldwide via combined jackpots. This type of casino software, which has become increasingly well-known and popular in recent years, enables constantly increasing jackpots, in that a small part of every bet made worldwide on a specific machine flows into the progressive jackpot. The prize pool keeps increasing until a player manages to hit the jackpot.

When it comes to the software for live casino games, the developer Evolution Gaming should be mentioned above all. No other provider offers so many different live streams with professional dealers, solid technology and a pleasant flair. In the case of live table or card games, the software is of course limited to the stream itself. The cards are actually shuffled, distributed and coordinated live on site by the dealer. It thus takes the place of the random number generators in the live casino, which take over this task in regular online table games.

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