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How To Be A Casino Dealer?

They are always well groomed and with a solemn image, but with sympathy. This time we teach you how to be a casino dealer and the functions and best job sites.

If you are interested in the life of dealers, pay close attention to this post because you will see everything related to the job of those in charge of organizing the best casino games.

What is a dealer and what are its functions?

In casinos and gaming halls, you will normally find a natural person in charge of running the gaming tables, be it normal roulette or online roulette, blackjack tables, baccarat or poker tables.

In the case of physical roulette or live online roulette: the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and organize the games, managing the bets and indicating the start and end of each game round.

He will mark the beginning of the bets with a ‘make game’ where he will place the chips on the table as the clients indicate , the start of the round will be done with the launch of the ball, the bets will be closed with the ‘no more’ and when I say the final number of the roulette wheel. The round will not end until all the chips of the winning players have been delivered in the play according to the rules of roulette and the rest have been removed.

If we talk about Blackjack: In the cases of this online or physical casino game, the dealer will shuffle the cards with the card shuffling machine and will direct the game, managing the bets, checking that they are well placed in terms of amounts. minimum. He will deal the cards to the players and play against them in the role of banker. When the result of the game is obtained, he will distribute the prizes according to the criteria of the blackjack rules .

When there is a dealer in the poker game, he will be in charge of directing the game following the poker rules according to the type of game. He will manage the bets and distribute the prizes.

Punto y Banca or Baccarat, here the dealer is in charge of directing the game, distributing the cards and receiving how the participants decide they want to bet in each round.

For craps , the dealer directs the game and manages the bets.

In each and every one of these casino games, the game has a vital function beyond what the regulations themselves. The dealer is not the highest job position in a casino, but his work is essential, since he is the person in charge of dealing directly with the client. It is loyalty and image of the casino, for this, it has to do a good deal with the players and try to know their behavior to guarantee that a poker game can have a good rhythm, that there is success in a black jack game or that there is no errors in the management of roulette or dice bets.

You will always be under the watchful eye of the gaming table inspector who will sit next to you, usually in a high chair, supervising every move you make on the table to ensure safe play.

What are the requirements to work as a dealer?

There are certain requirements to work as a dealer that are not acquired with specific training, but may be a vocational or trained aspect of the personality of the applicant. Despite not requiring a great academic qualification, the dealer must have certain specific characteristics:

  • Certain agility of mathematical calculation: You don’t have to be a math brainiac, but you do have to know what the payments are for each play and the amount of chips you have to distribute in case the player wins.
  • The use of languages ​​​​will be good for you: As in any job today, the level of languages ​​will be highly valued when being selected for a dealer job. Casinos are usually in tourist areas and are frequented by people of different nationalities. The most requested languages ​​are English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.
  • Self -confidence: The dealer must be a person who shows solemnity as well as security, his word must be respected. Therefore, he has to be dynamic and speak properly, he has to sing and make the payments correctly for the winning bets. Any mistake could harm the casino or make the client uncomfortable.
  • Resolve conflicts naturally: Of course, one of the most valued qualities is conflict resolution. The dealer can encounter problems from the players when it comes to placing bets at the correct time, not remembering their bet or confusing their play with that of another player. His friendliness here is key to keeping the gaming table a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Be a good communicator: Sometimes the dealer will have to explain or simply know which player likes to talk more or not. You should be able to express yourself in a comprehensive way and have the gift of people to resolve situations or retain customers. The same thing even takes a good tip for his sympathy.
  • Mental and physical preparation: You can stand up to several hours and endure inappropriate behaviors. The dealer has to be with a fresh and educated body expression, he also has to know how to deal with inappropriate behavior in a casino in case of having a conflicting client.

Where can a dealer work?

The croupier job requires specific training that is normally given by the casino or gambling hall that hires you. It’s a job with considerable responsibility, as if you make a mistake you can lose the casino a lot of money, not to mention their reputation. For this reason, it will normally be the workplace itself that trains you. Despite this, it does not require great knowledge, but it does require a lot of concentration and respect.

However, there are also academies that give courses to educate and train future dealers . These offer high chances of leaving with a job at the end of the training. It can be done both in Spain and abroad, for about €1000 nationally. With an academic duration of 100/200 teaching hours between six and eight weeks, it can be more.

If you want to be a good dealer, the dealer schools that the casinos themselves organize are ideal. It is not allowed to have casino material, the only legal way to practice with a roulette or access a professional one is with the facilities of a casino.

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