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How To Make Multiple Betting Predictions?

Combination bets are the magic of sports predictions, those with which you can really win money without risking large amounts. Therefore, they are the favourites of the gambling experts and the best way to try to regularize a certain amount of winnings.

Combination bets offer the possibility of obtaining higher profits than with simple ones, although in return we will also have to assume a greater risk.

In this article, we are going to know what a combined bet is, how to do it, in which sports they are more convenient, what types exist and what strategy we can follow to try to achieve greater success.

What Are Combination Bets?

Combination bets consist of betting on multiple events at the same time with a single forecast, in such a way that with a single bet we can bet that several events will be fulfilled.

This type of forecast offers us the possibility of achieving high potential profits with minimal investment. However, it is also necessary to remember that they pose a greater risk than simple bets since more selections come into play and even if we fail only one, the entire bet is lost.

What Is A Combination Bet Forecast?

A combination bet prediction is simply placing a bet that a certain group of events will happen, including, not surprisingly, a stake amount. The higher that stake, the higher the possible winnings.

Example: We make a combined bet on the matches FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid vs Valencia and Sevilla vs Getafe.

Our combined bet forecast will be that we will bet on the victory of FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid and Sevilla. In order to collect the winnings, we will need the 3 events to be fulfilled, with no possibility of failure.

How To Make Multiple Bets Predictions?

Placing a combination bet on a betting website is a fairly simple task. First of all, we must access the bookmaker of our choice and select the sporting event or events on which we are going to bet in combination, such as several football matches in a League match.

Next, we will select the 2, 3, 4 or more markets that we are going to combine for the forecast (Winner “1X2”, over 2.5 goals, Winner in both halves…). Finally, we will enter the amount that we have decided to bet and we will close the bet, seeing the final odds that we will get and the possible winnings in case we hit the combined forecast.

In this case, it must be taken into account that not all markets can be included in a combination bet, as some are incompatible with each other, i.e .: Team A will win the match and Team B will win both halves. However, it will be the bookmaker itself that tells us whether or not we can include the different selected markets.

How To Place Safe Combination Bets?

Risk is one of the essential characteristics of combination bets, however, it is possible to place safe combination bets.

To do this, we simply need to select safe events, that is, those in which the fee fluctuates between € 1.00 and € 1.50 since these fees indicate that the event is extremely safe and, therefore, with few options to fail.

In this case, and although handling this type of quota may invite you to think that they give few benefits, we must bear in mind that when the quotas are combined they multiply, so we will always get a significantly higher quota than if we bet individually, maintaining the controlled risk.

In Which Sports Is It Convenient To Make Combination Bets?

Although soccer and tennis are really the sports in which there is a greater volume of combined bets, in any sport modality they can be used, with the only requirement that we know the competition in depth.

Is It Convenient To Make Combination Bets On Football?

Yes, combination bets are an ideal type of forecast for betting on football, although they are also valid and highly recommended for almost any type of sport.

In this case, football offers us a large number of matches and markets that can be combined with each other, so betting in combination on football competitions is always a good option.

How Many Tips Can Be Made In A Combination Bet?

Although the ideal, especially if you are not very expert in combined bets, is not to exceed the 4 combined predictions, really the possibilities to combine are practically unlimited.

Types Of Combo Sports Bets

There are many types of combined bets, which vary depending on the number of selections we include and, therefore, will also increase your risk.

  • Simple combination bets: Double. Triple. Quadruple… Up to a maximum of 25 selections.
  • Complex combination bets.
  • Trixie: We combine 3 selections and it is made up of 4 bets: 3 doubles and one triple.
  • Patent: We combine 3 selections and it consists of 7 bets: 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 triple.
  • Yankee: We combine 4 selections and it is made up of 11 bets: 6 doubles, 4 triples and 1 of four selections.
  • Canadian: We combine 5 selections and it is made up of 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 of four selections and 1 of five selections.
  • Heinz: We combine 6 selections and it is made up of 57 bets: 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 from four selections, 6 from five selections and 1 from six selections.
  • Super Heinz: We combine 7 selections and it is made up of 120 bets: 21 doubles, 35 triples, 35 from four selections, 21 from five selections, 7 from six selections and 1 from seven selections.
  • Goliath: We combine 8 selections and it is made up of 247 bets: 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 from four selections, 56 from five selections, 28 from six selections, 8 from seven selections and 1 from eight selections.

Tips For Winning With Sports Betting Combo

There is no 100% safe method to always win with combined bets since the risk in sports forecasts is a fact and more so considering that we are talking about hitting multiple forecasts. However, we can offer you a series of tips to help you when establishing your own method and, at least, get closer to success and profits with combined bets. Let’s see below what recommendations should be followed when placing combination bets, especially if you do not have previous experience.

Information Gathering And Analysis

This aspect is essential both in this type of bets and in any other type of forecast. And it is that carrying out a previous analysis of a match (or several) by collecting all kinds of statistical information will cause the success rate of that combined bet to rise.

You can find this type of information perfectly in our forecasts, so your query seems key.

Diversify The Forecasts Of The Combined

Bookmakers usually offer a multitude of different markets for each sporting event (especially football), so it is recommended that our combined bets are not limited to a single match, since if, for example, in that match, there is a result unexpected and that we did not contemplate in our bet because we did not know certain information, all our combined bet will be lost.

Focus On Safe And Known Quotas

As we have mentioned before, the risk is a factor adhered to the very nature of the combined bet, therefore, our objective when making a combined forecast is to try to reduce it as much as we can, although never we will have a totally safe bet. This objective can be achieved by selecting safe events that we know about and about which we already have experience when betting since in this way we will have the ability to establish the degree of risk/security of the bet.

Limit The Predictions Of The Combine

We mentioned before that the possibilities of combining forecasts are enormous. However, we have also said that the ideal is not to exceed the 4 simple selections, since in this way it will be easier to control the combined bet itself, that is, to know at all times the risk of it, since the more forecasts more risk, but also higher potential returns.

Learn To Manage The Bank

Finally, we must know that managing the Bank, the money that we have decided to allocate to invest in bets, is the most important thing when starting to make combination bets, since before starting to win money we must try to avoid having losses and, if they exist, they are controlled at all times.

Combination Betting Strategy

To develop a combined betting strategy, it is necessary to follow the aforementioned tips, as these will help us control the situation at all times. Let’s see an example below.

We choose soccer as a sport and Over / Under as a market to make our combined.

In this case, despite the fact that this type of forecast does not usually offer very high odds, we must also mention that they are quite safe bets , since we only have to analyze the number of goals that will be scored, regardless of whether it is a team that wins or the other.

Therefore, if we decide to place a simple 4-tip Over / Under combination betAs soon as they offer us in the fees, we will get a final fee of € 4 or more without assuming much risk, since all the events we have bet on are, individually, quite safe (hence the low fees).

Thus, by placing a € 10 bet on this combination, we will have practically guaranteed € 40 of weekly earnings, an amount that can increase as we gain experience and develop more complex strategies.

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