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Combined Sports Bets: How To Play And Succeed In These Multiple Bets?

Among the types of sports bets offered by bookmakers, combined sports bets remain the most profitable. By definition, an accumulator bet is a bet with multiple selections. These are our tips to win it.

Avoid the great odds

With accumulator sports betting, we are often tempted to rush into high-odds bets in order to multiply our winnings. However, this is not the correct strategy . In fact, the higher the score, the greater the margin of error. Therefore, the chances of winning the bet are low.

For an accumulator bet, therefore, we recommend that you choose the best odds by opting for those between 1.30 and 2, rather than making several big surprises.

Not to exceed a combination of 3 matches or selections

A parlay bet with a large number of selections often loses. Of course, you can get a great chance of 50 once, but what good is it if you lose 100 before and 100 after.

In fact, in an accumulator bet, you have to win every pick in order to pocket your winnings. There are systems like the Yankee, the 3/4, but that reduces the potential profitability.

As an example, let’s imagine that you have decided to bet on Bwin by choosing the combined sports betting option. Next, he has bet on a selection of 5 games. So if he has won 4 predictions from his 5 picks, he will not get any benefit from this phone. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Imagine that you have spent 4 good odds and that is the one that adds up to boost the total, with a bet that you consider “100% safe”, which spoils the party…

To minimize risks and win your accumulator bet, we recommend that you favor an accumulator bet with a maximum of 3 selections . This will increase your luck. It is better to win small very often than never to win big.

Secure your bet with the cash-out option

The cash out option is a new feature offered by bookmakers. Simply put, cash out allows you to guarantee your winnings regardless of the outcome of the match . In other words, you have a chance to win back some of your winnings long before the game is over. How would that be useful in an accumulator bet, you say? The answer is that it is enough to apply the same principles.

Still, take the example of a 5 selection accumulator bet and assume that you have won 4 out of 5 so far. However, at the same time note that the 5th game may have a different outcome than your prediction. This can happen when we see several last-minute injuries or the composition of a coach that we do not like at all.

By activating the cash out option, you have the possibility to secure your accumulator bet by pocketing part of your winnings . In other words, it is the equivalence of your winnings in the 4 winning selections.

Therefore, to avoid loss, we recommend that you choose this function if you feel the wind changes. However, if you still think your prediction is solid, stay the course and try to pay big odds!

Place a system bet

The system bet is an alternative to accumulator bets. It is also a popular sports bet among accumulators. The operation is roughly the same as the cash-out option. The difference is that in a system bet, you lock in your bet from the start of the matches. Also, you do not have the possibility to withdraw your winnings during meetings, as is the case during a cash withdrawal.

Let’s take an example: for a bet, you have chosen 4 selections and you have placed a system bet of 3/4. At the end of the matches, you have won 3 out of 4. In this case, your bet is still a winner thanks to the 3/4 system.

We do not recommend the system bet for a phone with multiple small odds. But, if you don’t take our first advice and go for big odds, the system becomes a good solution. This is particularly a good idea if you choose to bet on multiple Coupe de France surprises or multiple draws.

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