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Strategies To Win At Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the card games that we like the most. Its ease and excitement make it a perfect game to have a good time, which is why regular players are always looking for strategies to win at blackjack. At VERSUS we have 6 different blackjacks available for you to choose the one that appeals to you the most and try your luck.

Unfortunately, there are no surefire strategies for winning at blackjack. Like any game of chance, there are variables that are beyond our control and it is very important to be clear and not obsess. However, there are some tricks beyond the well-known “counting cards” with which to increase the chances of winning. Read on and learn how to improve your blackjack strategy.

1. Establish a closed budget

This, more than a trick to increase the chances of winning, is a tip to not lose your head. You should always set an amount before you start playing and if you lose it, automatically leave the game.

It is also very important to choose a table that suits your needs: If your limit is €20, it is not worth entering a table where the minimum bet is €5. As a tip, we recommend that the minimum bet never exceed 5% of your budget. In the example above, the minimum bet should not be more than €1.

2. Stand on 17

One of the best tricks in blackjack is common sense. If your hand totals 17 points or more and you don’t have any Aces, the probability of going over 21 asking for a card is very high, so the most sensible thing to do is stand.

3. Do not split the figures

If you get a pair of figures, you will surely consider dividing it and being able to play two hands like this. We advise you completely the opposite. The sum of 20 points is a very strong hand in blackjack, so it is best to stand and play that hand as it is.

4. Divide 8 y As

If you get two aces you would add 22 points, which is why you go over 21. Here the best option is to split them and thus double your chances of adding 21 and getting blackjack.

Something similar happens with two eights: their sum is 16, the equivalent of one of the worst hands that you can get from the start. If you split them you have the option of getting a much stronger play (plus twice).

5. Count the cards

A couple of months ago we told you how the trick of counting cards in blackjack worked . Take a look at the post and learn the most popular counting method.

Remember that this strategy only works in physical casinos, since the online ones the game is programmed so that in each round the distribution starts from 0.

6. Follow the basic table blackjack winning strategy

This table shows all the combinations you can have, as well as what you must do in each of them. As it is a somewhat complex strategy, we are preparing a post to explain in depth what it consists of. Stay tuned for future posts!

We hope that all these tips to increase the chances of winning in a blackjack game have been interesting for you. If you know other tricks, leave them in the comments. Until the next post!

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