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Successful Strategies To Bet On Low Odds

Low odds are often dismissed by most bettors because of the false belief that they provide little winnings. However, it is these types of low odds that provide us with safe bets without risking our bankroll. In addition, if we combine them properly they can provide us with very interesting potential earnings.

In this article, we will talk about how to bet with low odds, what benefits they can provide and in which sports it is better to use them.

How To Bet At Low Odds?

Low odds are those with low profitability, that is, those that are in a range between € 1.00 and € 1.50, and that is normally associated with the great favourite of a match.

Here are some tips on how to bet with low odds effectively.

Select Very Low But Very Safe Fees

If possible, fees should be selected that do not exceed € 1.20 or € 1.25, although we can consider up to € 1.50. And the fact is that the lower the quota, the lower the risk, since the probability that that particular event will occur will be closer to 100%.

Combine Low Fees

As we are dealing with such low figures, the best option to try to increase a possible final odds is to place combined bets, which, although they increase the risk of failure, this will not be so much when handling events with almost 100% of security.

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Select Sports From 2 Options

When it comes to betting with low odds, it is advisable to choose sporting events with 2 options, that is, sports in which there are no ties since in these cases the correct options decrease. Therefore, tennis or basketball are more recommendable than football, although we should not exclude it either.

Is It Profitable To Bet A Lot Of Money At Low Odds?

The answer is yes, since, despite the fact that low odds provide lower benefits than medium or high odds bets, the safety factor provided by this type of bets really means that we can invest more money in each forecast without fear of losing it. since in practically all the occasions, we will be able to get it right although 100% guaranteed success does not exist in sport.

Thus, for an event with a fee of € 1.12, placing a bet of € 10 will only provide us with a profit of € 1.20. However, if for that same event we place a bet of € 100, the profit will be € 12.

Let’s see it more clearly with an example:

  • [Fee € 1.12 * € 10 = € 11.20 – € 10 = € 1.20 of net profit]
  • [Fee 1.12 € * 100 € = 112.00 € – 100 € = 12.00 € of net profit]

Therefore, by periodically repeating this type of high bets at low odds, we can obtain hundreds of euros in profits in a very short time.

Should You Make Combination Bets At Very Low Odds?

Combination bets are an excellent option when dealing with low odds, as they allow us to increase the final odds for which we will bet so that we will have options to achieve high profits without the need to place a high bet, since despite Since these are safe events, there is always a risk and a possibility that the favourite will fail, even more so if we talk about football.

What Sports Should You Bet On At Very Low Odds?

As we have mentioned before, it is advisable to bet with low odds on events in which there is no draw, such as tennis or basketball, since in this way we will have the options to be correct (50%) and those to fail (50%). In the case of soccer or other sports where there is the option of a tie, our probability of hitting is already reduced.

What Are The Best Houses To Bet At Low Odds?

Most bookmakers are recommended when following this strategy of betting with low odds since they all offer a multitude of markets that perfectly fit this description and that allow us to carry out this strategy effectively. Some of the most recommended are Bet365, William Hill or Bwin.

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