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Horse Bets: Tips To Win And How To Bet

Are you an avid player and want to know the best tips to win at horse betting? Find out now what these tips are that will allow you to better place your bets and win at PMU.

Tips to win your horse racing bets, not magic

When you love gambling and betting, it is quite normal to seek to win so that your bets are profitable. Therefore, it is a completely legitimate question that passengers usually ask themselves and which we will try to answer through this article. First of all, you need to understand that there is no magic formula to win a bet. These are just a few tips to gain ground. Therefore, it is not a question of getting rich in a short time, but simply of obtaining more or less satisfactory profits in the long term. In this way, you will be able to reduce the risks that come with each race.

Bet on the right races

When you have been a player for years, you know a good majority of tips to win at horse betting. On the other hand, when you are still a beginner, it is preferable to know how to choose the races to bet on. Here are some initial tips that you may find helpful:

  • First of all, opt for flat gallop races, with more than 8 horses at the start.
  • Then instead bet on a horse with odds of 5.00 or more.
  • Put a certain amount in Single Winner and double that amount in Single Place.
  • Consider making a martingale in case you lose your forecast.
  • Never bet more than 5% of your budget per bet or group of bets on a single horse.

Why only bet on flat gallop races with more than 8 participants at the start?

You should know that there are several types of races that you can bet on. The most famous are the harnessed and mounted trot, as well as the flat canter and the canter with obstacles. It is important that you select your race to eliminate the potential pitfalls of winning at horse betting. Flat gallop races are ideal for a beginner who wants to place their first bets. In fact, this type of race presents a much lower risk of the horse tripping or galloping and committing a foul. Here the pace of the race is natural and the horse will have great chances of arriving safely. Start your bets avoiding uncertainties.

You will be able to start earning money on individual bets placed if the horse you bet on finishes in one of the top 3 places. If there are less than 7 horses, only the first two places will be paid. This means that you take more risks when the odds offered may not be worth it. After that, it will depend on the race in question, but to know the nuances you have to be a regular runner. As a beginner, rely only on this principle: bet only if there are more than 8 horses in the race.

Knowing how to choose the right horse to win in horse betting

Another trick to win at horse betting is knowing how to choose the right horse. The latter will be selected according to the race in question, as well as their earnings history. You have to have a good eye to be able to measure the reliability of a horse. The quality of the latter will be decisive and you should know that it is not the Jockey who rides it who will perform the miracle. It is interesting to note that a horse enters a race based on his age, but also on the money he has managed to earn in the old tests.

The age of the horse is also decisive

To win at horse racing, don’t think you have to bet on a young stallion. In fact, the temperament of the horse must also be taken into account and young horses that are less experienced have little racing experience. Therefore, they will be less reliable and more impetuous, more unpredictable. Conversely, don’t bet on a horse that is too old and could tire too quickly. Also consider a horse’s weight: too massive will be heavier and longer, but more successful at distance trots. If you are skinnier, you may tire more quickly, but you will feel more comfortable during obstacle courses.

Consider the weather and terrain

Any tourist wants to know the tips to win in horse racing bets. In general, unless you like big risks and are a real daredevil, avoid any bets when it rains. The rain distorts any data or study that you have been able to establish and forces you to trust only your intuition and luck. You can then draw on your experience in this type of situation, however, if you are a beginner, you will most likely fall on a bone.

To win at horse racing betting, always assess the condition of the track. If you’re placing your bet remotely, you won’t be able to do a pitch evaluation, but if you’re going to the venue, please arrive a few hours before the start of the race. Observe the condition of the trail, if it is greasy and muddy or dry, if it is overgrown with vegetation, and if it is flat or incline. Then, be careful to analyze the previous races and compare this one with the following ones. This way you will know what type of horse performs best in what circumstances. Either way, a bookmaker’s betting is a long-term affair. Take a few races as an example, bet or don’t bet, but take the time to study and prepare for your next move.

Where to bet on horse racing

Going to a racetrack to bet on the spot is a unique experience. Experience an exciting race, walk through the paddock to see the horses and feel the adrenaline when our horse leaves the box and crosses the finish line in first place, this is something that we must experience at least once in a lifetime. However, if you cannot go to the racecourse, you can always choose to bet on horse racing online, because almost all bookmakers operating in Spain offer us horse racing bets.

On the court, there are several games in a day, so when it comes to betting, you have to find out where we will play. The usual practice is to place bets on circuits in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United States, Australia and New Zealand or France, where Sportium specifically provides us with PMU matches. We also find jobs in Spain or South Africa. Like any other type of bet, we can bet for a long time.

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