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Top 10 Best Sports Betting Strategies

Looking for the best sports betting strategies? As we all know sports betting is something that we need to study for a long time, part of your success will depend on your sports betting strategy. And you should also know that not everything will happen when you consider the system. With a quick search, it’s easy to find sports betting tips, ultimate betting strategies, etc., but nothing guarantees success. After all, the best betting strategy is the one that everyone follows based on their own experience.

So, some bettors believe that the betting system works well, but it is difficult for you to put it into practice because you cannot master these markets because you do not fully understand the technology or for whatever reason. Another aspect to pay attention to when following sports betting strategies is the sports in which we can apply them. When betting on tennis, basketball, Formula One or fighting sports, football betting strategies may not help us.

Best sports betting strategies

Below you will find an analysis of the most popular best sports betting strategies, their advantages and disadvantages, and an example to help you understand it better. Some are related to bank management and the bets we play, and some are related to the type of bet you bet or the sport you bet on. To apply them, it is necessary to know the types of existing sports bets, especially combined bets or the market that each sport offers us.

Bets on +2.5 goals

When we talk about high/low, 2.5 goals are the most common. A common strategy is to bet, especially in certain leagues where goals are easy to score. Obviously the bookmakers know this and it’s hard for us to find amazing odds, but we will find worthwhile bets. To do this, you need to analyze the average and trend of each team’s stat score, as well as the number of casualties, the schedule, and even the weather and schedule.

Which league has scored the most goals? It depends on the season, but sometimes the Swiss Super League or the Swedish Allsvenskan average more than 3 goals per game. The league or the Premier League is also very attractive for this market, like the Norwegian Tiperigen or the Danish Premier League. In fact, the Scandinavian League is known as a goalscorer. In our betting comparator you can easily see the excess odds of these leagues. We are talking about one of the best sports betting strategies.

Tie betting

This is one of the most interesting soccer betting strategies that we can find whenever we analyze the game, and it is a common bet in predictions. The fact is that a draw is usually the market with the highest probability of betting on the winner of the match. In this sense, it is important to know which teams are more likely to draw. Look at the ranking of wins, draws and losses for each team and, if possible, distinguish between home and away games.

It’s also fun to pick games that tend to be weaker teams, where 0-0 or 1-1 can be fun. A team that has not scored a goal but knows how to protect itself and has conceded few goals is usually the best option to enter this market. Finally, you should consider the tendencies of each team. That yes, this is a market that we must avoid until the sixth or seventh game of the League, when the team has played two or three games at home and away and begins to feel the trend.

Combined betting systems

There are many ways to place multiple bets, and system bets are one of them. In the betting system itself, we find a variety of options, from Trixie to Lucky 63, through Heinz, Canadian, Goliath or different Trixies. To support the system bets, we believe that even if the selection fails, we can still make a profit, or at least minimize losses.

The most interesting is the trixie. We combine three options and play triple-doubles and triple-doubles; patented, we add three simple bets to trixie and yankee, of which there are four options, distributed in six doubles and four A total of 11 bets are made in three straight lines and one four runs. It is important to understand the betting system. Otherwise, you should look for options with moderate but interesting odds in the combination and carefully analyze each option.

Fibonacci system

This mathematical method of the best sports betting strategies is based on Leonardo De Pisa’s numerical sequence: 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34. If he notes that each number is the sum of the first two numbers and transfers to sports betting, also an online casino game, it reveals the bet by bet. The bet decreases when we hit and increases when we miss. Losing the bet will go to the next number; if we do it right, we’ll go back to two levels.

In the long run, this can be a more useful strategy than always betting the same bet, such as betting one unit at a time, although we can put the bank at risk in the event of continued long-term bad debts. For this reason, it is recommended to establish a loss limit: it is not always necessary to reach 34, especially when we have few banks. A similar strategy is the D’Alembert system, which consists of adding one unit to the bet after each failure (bet 1, 2, 3, 4…) and returning to the initial bet after each success.

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The Paroli System

This is a betting system where we increase the bet based on the winnings. Therefore, as we make a bet, part of the principal X will increase. If we fail, we will go back to the original bet and start over. The player is free to decide the amount of the bonus to use to increase the bet and the part that is kept for the bonus. Another option is to set the betting period: when we reach a certain number of hits, we save the bonus and go back to the beginning.

The Paroli system is also called The Antimartingale because we raise the stakes based on our success, not based on the failures that happen in The Martingale that are bound to ruin us. It is a sports betting strategy, and we can also apply it to casino games such as roulette or blackjack, it has certain similarities with Parlay. The difference is that Parlay forces you to wager all the bonuses, while Paroli we reserve a certain amount.

Bet on Asian Lines

Betting on the hot doesn’t always guarantee profits, but in the long run, it should help us improve our bankroll. In many cases the big favorites cost very little, see how the victories of Barcelona, ​​​​Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern or Manchester City are paid for every weekend. However, the Asian handicap increased the odds, allowing us to find the most profitable bets. Also, if the favorite wins by suffering, it is -1 and the bet is cancelled; Or we can bear part of the loss.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the 0.25 and 0.75 that allow us to complete a double bet. In the medium or long term, it can be very profitable to bet HA -1 on a favorite in an away game, although you must learn to play with a handicap. Remember, in addition to Asian handicap betting, you can also bet on Asian total points, be it the total score in the game or the number of goals scored by the team. Void bets are also valuable because they can prevent us from losing if we don’t win.

Bets without a variable

Invariable bets are one of the most profitable bets that we can find in bookmakers. No tie bets are the most famous and are also called HA 0. In this sense, you have to pay attention to the importance of comparing odds between two markets in some bookmakers, you always have to look for the best one for both markets that is exactly Same. In addition, there are more and more bookmakers that allow us to bet on 1X2 eliminating teams.

The biggest advantage of these bets is that we cover 50% of the options instead of 33% of the 1X2 bets. In return, the odds have gone down slightly, but when the odds of 1, X and 2 are at similar levels, this can be a very interesting market. We have two options: bet on the favorite to eliminate the tie or bet on the tie to cancel the local victory. To some extent, this is a way to deploy weaker teams to protect ourselves from certain outcomes.

Tennis betting strategy: set bets

Pre-match or live betting is one of the most popular markets in tennis; We will talk about these bets later. A fairly common strategy is to bet handicap on a hot plate. Elite players tend to dominate, especially in the early rounds of the games they play, it’s not uncommon for them to win 6-1, 6-2 or 6-3. Here, entering a handicap game or a grand slam handicap can itself be one of the best sports betting strategies to consider.

Of course, when it comes to betting on tennis, you should keep in mind that the WTA court is more unpredictable than the ATP. Therefore, when it comes to putting our tennis betting strategy into action, men’s tennis is more likely to be successful than women’s tennis. The fact that there are 5 sets in the men’s Grand Slam tournament and 3 sets in the women’s tournament gives us more room when looking for handicap bets.

NBA individual stats betting

Due to the large number of games played each week, NBA betting has become one of the most popular bets. Many bookmakers offer us bets on player scores, rebounds, assists, blocks or three points or even the first three combinations. Also bet on a double or triple double. The vast amount of statistical information provided by the NBA makes it relatively feasible to find valuable bets on individual player statistics.

Therefore, it is very important to look at the trends of basketball players, especially in the last game (you can also apply it to the winner’s handicap or the total bets in a basketball game). Minutes, field goal percentage or game impact can help you find worthwhile bets. The loss of his own team allows the star to have more possession of the ball, and the player’s playing time limit may invite the loser to bet. This is a basketball betting strategy that needs to be considered.

Live betting: the key moments

In addition to using live betting to cover premature bets, there are many facts that invite us to live betting. The first impact crack, there are actually two: the star player’s injury affects his team, which can be an opportunity for the underdog; however, if the crack enters and marks the confrontation, it could be a comeback for the team that bet on him. The moment.

When it comes to betting on the spot, the expulsion can also be decisive, of course the team that overwhelms the rival can invite us to bet. One of the keys to live betting is following the game in real time, preferably on television, which allows us to understand how the two teams are playing and which live bets are more valuable. Otherwise, online bookmarks will help us intuitively understand how it developed.

How reliable are sports betting strategies?

Let’s go back to the beginning: bettors are those who make good or bad strategies to bet on the Internet. Each user can develop their own betting strategy or system based on their own experience, bets, etc., but it should be noted that there is no defined 100% sure betting strategy. Due to the chance factors that often influence the future of sports betting and events, there is no foolproof strategy.

Of course, following the best sports betting strategies will help you manage your bank correctly and avoid excessive losses. Only by following the strategy will you be able to follow the path and get closer to the goals you set for yourself. You have to keep in mind that you apply the strategy you apply, and there will always be times when we will fail. It should be emphasized again that in the long term, bets and strategy are two concepts. Short-termism will lead us to destruction.

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