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What Is The Paroli System And How To Apply It When Playing Roulette?

The Paroli system consists of a betting method, applicable to many casino games, based mainly on doubling a bet after each victory. Here in Spain, it is known as the redoblona. This strategy is so well known mainly for its low risk compared to other roulette strategies and ‘tricks’.

How does it work?

Paroli’s name comes from the Latin par meaning “one who is equal”. Unlike the well-known Martingale method, a system that is based on progressively increasing the bet for each losing turn, the Paroli system is based on maximizing profits during a winning streak and not on recovering losses.

Therefore, we can confirm that the Paroli system is practically the opposite of the Martingale method.

The Paroli method is a positive betting progression. We refer to doubling the bet for each victory turn until reaching a maximum of three consecutive victories. This system is widely used in casinos, especially in roulette.

Paroli System Keys

Next, we are going to explain what the keys of the Paroli method are.

First of all, you have to define an objective, such as playing black-red in roulette. Everything is better understood with examples, so we will simulate a game in which we are betting on the color red.

The player will start the progression by betting a monetary unit. We keep the bet constant as long as we lose on the turn (loss is generated). In case of victory, the amount to bet will double that of the previous turn, therefore, in this case we will bet two monetary units.

In the second turn, whenever there is a win in the previous turn, we will bet two monetary units. As we have mentioned before, in the event of losing the amount wagered, the progression will start again in a monetary unit. However, in case we win, you will bet twice the amount bet in the previous turn (in this case, we will bet four monetary units).

In the third turn, in case of having obtained two winning bets in each of the previous turns, we will now bet four monetary units. Regardless of what happens, the progression ends here and therefore we stop applying the Paroli method.

Advantages of the Paroli system in roulette

Next, we are going to define what are the best advantages of the Paroli system applied to any roulette:

  • It is a simple and easy to apply system.
  • It is the method with much lower risk compared to other systems
  • Winning streaks are exploited
  • Lost quantities are minimized
  • Bet with the money won

Disadvantages of the Paroli system in roulette

Like any betting system, winnings using this method are not certain. Here we identify the main disadvantages when executing this strategy in roulette:

  • A loss erases all gains
  • You can’t predict streaks
  • The house edge does not change
  • Cannot be used long term (since it is a streak based system)
  • Keep track of your bets

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