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What Can We Expect From England At EURO 2021? | Best Betting Odds

England is one of the teams that are always insignificant. And he does it by being a favorite; he achieves it by dragging enormous media power through the stars, usually in his ranks.

Since the arrival of Gareth Southgate (who had previously been the U21 coach), it was a paradigm shift within the Three Lions sporting sector. The English national project began to rejuvenate; it gave young values ​​that were already showing their worth in the Premier League. The change of cycle was a reality.

  • Euro 2021 – Final winner: England
  • CODERE: 6.00

They have already shown it in Russia’s world past. After signing a very serious championship, England would finally be in the fourth position after falling in the Semifinals against Croatia and losing the ‘Consolidation Final’ against Belgium. But they were already officially among the four best national teams in European and world football, and that was the first solid reason that Gareth’s philosophy was valid.

And the stakes have continued to rise; it has continued to evolve. England has one of the youngest teams in Europe, and their pearls are some of the most coveted in football. Footballers like Phil Foden, Mason Mount, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, or Bellingham are called to mark an era in English football, and they are already a reality.

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Young stars are complemented by world-class players such as Harry Kane, Harry Maguire, or Kyle Walker. All of them were led by one of the youngest coaches in European football. An almost perfect puzzle has left fantastic results in the last four years, and that in this 2020 soccer Eurocup they are called to make the definitive leap at the level of titles.

  • Euro 2021 – Top scorer: Harry Kane
  • Leevagas: 7.00

They are favorites but not indisputable. They are favorites because they must be classified as such, but teams like France or Belgium have massive projects that will have a lot, a lot, to say.

I have great confidence in England, but we must go with pause, calm, and analysis in the long term. They have the equipment and potential to reach the Quarterfinals. But from there, more significant words. From there, in the great duels, before the most powerful teams, when fatigue (both from the tournament and from being in June and after a whole season spent behind their backs) already makes an act of presentation, is another context.

Can the Three Lions win EURO 2020? Of course, yes. They have a firm project, they have a guaranteed team, they have one of the best strikers globally, and they have some of the most decisive pearls in Europe. All this added to a technician who psychologically has already proven that he knows how to direct them.

They are called to record their presence, but resoundingly aspiring to the title would be something like a mixture of unconsciousness and lack of vision. At least in the previous one. The feeling says “Yes,” but the head affirms “Yes, but calmly.”

  • Euro 2021 – Will reach the semi-finals: England
  • William Hall: 2.35

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