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Counting Cards In Poker, Is It A Good Trick?

We are facing a technique that is always controversial , but that is still used by many players. Counting cards in poker means that the player must know what cards are in the deck that can make him win. With this, they can always improve their decision making. The truth is that this technique in poker is not as restricted as in other games since it is not limited to only certain hands.

Today we want to delve a little deeper into the possibilities that counting cards can give you in poker. You already know that at Casino Barcelona we have a very varied online poker offer that we recommend you always enjoy responsibly.

Keys to counting cards in poker

One of the characteristics that you must take into account when counting cards in poker has to do with the fact that you cannot know what your opponent has. Whether you know the card or not, you will count them the same way. This card counting system may not be the most accurate, but it can work well in the long run.

In online poker there is no chance of cards being revealed by mistake, so it is a variable that you can forget about. When counting cards in poker nothing can be taken for granted and that may be the great gap in this technique. You should always calculate based on cards that have not yet been revealed. Despite this, you must be clear that everything can vary a lot because you do not know the cards of your rivals.

Players who rely more on the technique of counting cards have developed a way of proceeding that is the least bad of all and with this we are already telling you that it is not a highly reliable method at all. This form is based on equating all the unknown cards for the calculation you do when counting cards in poker. The groups of cards would be the burned ones, the discarded ones, of rivals and to leave.

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Is card counting successful in poker?

Poker plays a fundamental role in what Casino Barcelona offers. As you already know, we have the tables that you like the most and our poker tournaments offer you the chance to compete against the best. Whichever option you like the most, you can put into practice the techniques you want both from the web and from our poker app .

Continuing with the technique of counting cards in poker, we already announced that it is not an infallible technique, far from it. As with other strategies, it may help you get organized , but it does not guarantee anything at all. Our advice is to turn a deaf ear to all those who try to make you believe that counting cards ensures your winnings because nothing is further from reality.

By not knowing the cards of our rivals, counting cards will help us analyze the situation of each hand and with that you can get a better idea of ​​how everything is going. Until then we recognize its usefulness, but it does not go much further and is far from making you win hands.

Cards to see and remaining cards

In card counting, two large variables must be taken into account, if we want it to have the utility that we have highlighted: the cards that remain to be seen and the remaining ones.

From here, the strategy starts with 52 cards from which you have to exclude the two cards that you have been dealt in the deal. Thus, you must count the remaining 47 after the flop and 46 when only the river remains.

Card counting in poker has a numerical logic when counting, hence the name of this technique. There are 4 cards of each number and that will help you determine the cards of the rest of the players. If you are looking for a specific pair, it will only be worth 3, the number of cards remaining. If you have a pair and you are looking for three of a kind, it is only worth 2 and poker 1.

All the calculations you make should be based on the cards that remain to be revealed, but this will also depend on what our opponents have in their hands. Your options to know the situation better depend on the cards that have been discarded, those that have been burned and those that remain to appear.

Calculate your options

With the accounts that we have just seen, we will already have the outs of the hand. From this, there are several formulas that can work, but the best one is the following:

  • Amount to pay / (amount to pay + chips in the pot)

In the event that the result of this formula is lower than the possibilities you have, we will be facing a good bet. To find out your odds, you can use the 4 and 2 rule . On the flop, you must multiply the outs by 4, and by 2 on the turn.

With this simple calculation we will not only see if our bets can be successful or not. We will also be able to see if it is profitable to continue with the game in order to avoid accumulating larger losses.

Conclusions on counting cards in poker

As long as chance is the protagonist of a game like online poker, the real options that a strategy is a guarantee of winning will always be reduced. We think that counting cards in poker can help you form an idea of ​​how the situation of the hand is at a precise moment, but forget about seeing it as the key that opens the way to the prizes.

We certainly appreciate the fact that counting cards makes you follow the hands in a more concentrated way, and from that point of view, we don’t see any problem with you using this technique. The problem would come the moment you see it as an infallible method, just as some see it because it is not true.

Take our advice into account and use this technique like any other with the utmost caution. Safety is the most important thing, so don’t lose sight of the risks you run and always play responsibly.

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