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Top 10 Tips To Win At Roulette

Tip 1. Play French roulette

Of all the variations of roulette that you can currently find, you must bear in mind that it is French roulette that is the most beneficial for your game. This is due to several reasons, the main one being that the house advantage in this one is located at 1.35%.

And why it has such a low advantage. Well, because in this game there is only one box for 0, that is, there is only one green box, and in addition to this, a special rule known as La Partage is available,

This rule applies only in this variation and works when you bet on red / black, low or high numbers or even / odd numbers and the winning result is 0, which does not correspond to any of these options.

In other roulettes, if this option comes out, you simply lose your bet, but when the La Partage rule is active, what happens is that the casino returns half of the money you bet.

Tip 2. If you can’t find French roulette, look for European roulette with the In Prison rule active

When looking for this variation of the game, you would be opting for a roulette similar to the previous one, since it only has a 0 and therefore a single green square.

In the case of the rule known as In Prison, you should know that it works in a similar way to the La Partage rule, only in this case when the ball falls to 0 and having made the simple bets, you can recover 50% of your bet or you can leave it held to use it in the next spin.

Now, at one point of the 10 tips to win at roulette we give you an additional one and that is that if you do not find the French or European roulette with these special rules you can also choose them to bet on them by only having a 0.

Thus, the main advice is that you look for any of these variations and avoid first of all playing in American roulette (the one with 0 and 00) since it has an advantage of 5.26%, while roulette with only one 0 has an advantage. 2.70% casino

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Tip 3. Look at the odds handled by the bets

At this point of the 10 tips to win at roulette we must complement the advice by telling you that you should not be dazzled by the great prizes that some bets have to offer, but that you have to make a balance between the payment received and the probability of winning that this bet handles.

For you to better understand this advice you should know, for example, that the full bet (the one you make on a single number) although it has a really attractive payout of 35 to 1 (that is, 35 euros for each euro bet) handles a probability of becoming a winner actually drops 2.8%

Other bets that give prizes that attract a lot of attention at first glance are the horse bet, from 17 to 1, or the cross bet, from 11 to 1. But what happens with them? Well, their odds of being winning bets is only 5.4% and 8.1% respectively.

This is because placing this bet covers a small amount of active numbers in the game.

On the other hand, the odds of the game improve for outside bets. These are bets on Red or Black, on Low and High numbers as well as Odd and Even. These bets cover a total of 18 boxes, so they can have a probability of 48.6%, although a payout of 1 to 1 (that is, 1 euro for each euro wagered).

Tip 4. To begin with, outside bets are better, lower risk, but higher probabilities

With these 10 tips to win at roulette, what we are looking for above all is that you avoid mistakes that are frequently made by novice players. Therefore, following the advice of the probabilities we clarify that the ideal is that you choose the outside bets to play and that is that regardless of the small prizes they have to give, the probabilities of getting them are always higher than of getting them. big prizes from inside bets.

Tip 5. As you improve your skill and you understand the game better, you can mix internal and external bets

Now, that we have recommended you to go for the bets with the highest odds does not mean that inside bets, the best payouts, are prohibited.

Actually, what we want with these 10 tips to win at roulette is for you to start with the simple and the safest. Thus, when you fully manage the dynamics of the game if you can go with a plan to win more money and if this implies making internal bets, with greater risk, then you will be more prepared for it.

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Tip 6. Know different betting systems

Although to heed the previous advice it is not mandatory that you heed this recommendation, you must be very clear that it is the ideal since with the systems it may be easier for you to understand or guide yourself in the combination of bets.

Keep in mind that currently there are many systems available for roulette. So, in these 10 tips to win at roulette we tell you to investigate them, know what their bases are, how much money they require to be executed, what is their level of risk and above all determine if they are options adjusted to your style of play , more or less risky, and to your budget.

Some of the most renowned systems today are:

  • The Fibonacci sequence
  • The martingale and the reverse martingale
  • The Labouchere system
  • Red Bet
  • D’Alembert system
  • Column system
  • The one hit wonder
  • The memory game
  • Flat bet system
  • Positive Progression Systems
  • Negative Progression Systems
  • 1-3-2-6 system
  • Parlay
  • Paroli
  • One half up
  • Masse egale
  • Kesselgucken
  • Base Two
  • Base Five
  • Iron cross
  • Ascot
  • Oscar’s Grind
  • 3/2
  • Shotwell
  • Pivot
  • The dealer’s signature
  • The ballistic system as well as the physical one, among many others.

Tip 7. Learn how to play free roulette and use it to test the betting systems that suit your playing style

At first, when you just start betting on roulette, one of the best 10 tips to win at roulette that you can implement is to make use of free roulette to show and put into practice all the data that you have known about roulette in which you have chosen to play.

It is worth clarifying that if you are going to bet on French or European roulette, then the free game in which you become familiar with the version must match.

Now, many believe that of the 10 tips to win at roulette this point is unnecessary and in reality it is not. Be very clear that if you do not know how the game develops, it is actually a big mistake to enter and put your money in it since you can make several mistakes when placing your chips, when eliminating bets, when selecting one or another bet, etc.

So, first go to the free game and then if you go to the table of the physical casino or virtual casino you have chosen.

On the other hand, you should know that the free game can also be very useful when testing the systems that have caught your attention. With the free game you can apply it, make a mistake and not pay for it. When you already make sure of the effectiveness of the system and you know how to apply it without failures, then if you can proceed to bet with them and use your money.

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Tip 8. Develop a strategy

All 10 tips to win at roulette are linked, but without a doubt the connection between tips 8 and 9 is fundamental.

In this advice, we invite you to create a betting strategy in which you choose the most convenient roulette, control your money, adjust the risk limits, desired gains and losses and at the same time combine different systems and bets to enhance your profits and reduce your losses.

Tip 9: Stick to your strategy

But, so much effort and time creating your strategy will be worth nothing if you do not stick with it.

So of the 10 tips to win at roulette this will be essential so that you can really see profits.

Finally, with Tip 10 we invite you to talk with other players, both experts and novices, who share their experiences and gains, and reduce your mistakes and increase knowledge. Make use of it to improve your chances of winning.

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