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Six or Sextet At Roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games. This makes players seek to be better every day and, for this, it is vital to know in depth many of its issues and its most relevant terms, such as the six or sextet in roulette. In this sense, you should always keep in mind that there are no strategies that make you always win or anything like it, but knowing roulette as well as possible will help you improve your decisions.

With the aim of helping you to be a better player every day, today we want to tell you everything about the six or sextet in roulette. It is a very common term that indicates a specific way to bet on roulette. We are going to break down his characteristics little by little, but remember to always play with the utmost responsibility.

What is six in online roulette?

The six in roulette is also known as a sextet and is a concept that some refer to as a double cross row or line. Don’t think that these are different issues if you see these different names. In all cases, it will be referring to a method to play online roulette that would consist of placing your bets on numbers that are in two transversal and consecutive rows.

By following this way of betting, what we would obtain are two rows of 3 numbers, or what is the same, 6 numbers bet, hence its name. This method is perfectly valid for live roulette in all kinds of modalities, such as Quantum Roulette .

Performing the six in online roulette is really simple, but it has certain peculiarities that you should know. You must place your bet chip on the line that separates the numbers from the dozen boxes. This does not end there, you must also do the same in the horizontal part that separates two rows of numbers. This is so that each player can choose the 6 numbers he wants to bet on.

Types of bets you can make with the six

One of the most relevant aspects of six in roulette is that, with its mechanics, it offers users the possibility of placing different bets. This is true regardless of the modality you wish to play, so it can be used on live roulette wheels such as European Roulette or Cassiopeia Roulette . These are the best known bets of the six or sextet.

System of 3 Sixes

On the roulette table we can see up to 6 sixes: from 1 to 6, from 7 to 12, from 13 to 18, from 19 to 24, from 25 to 30 and from 31 to 36. To use this system, we must stay with the 1st, 3rd and 5th and bet a chip on each of them to start. Similarly, you can also choose the 2nd, 4th and 6th.

After having started with this bet and, in the event that the number we want does not come up, the bet of the first six must be increased by one more chip. In the case of losing again, a chip will be increased in the second six and this process will continue as long as it continues to be lost until we have reached the end. If even after reaching it we continue to lose, the bet must be raised by one chip starting again with the first six. When you win, what you have to do is start over going back one at a time and start over from scratch when you are positive.

Shotwell System

To use this form of six in online roulette, the player must use 5 chips. To each one, you will assign the value you consider appropriate, depending on your budget, obviously. You must make 5 bets on sixes, that is, only one of them will be free. With this, 30 numbers are covered, leaving only 7 free.

These figures indicate that it is a very appropriate method for European roulette, since it has 37 slots.

Quad Double Six System

Its main value is that it gives the player the opportunity to cover many different numbers at a very low cost. This makes it a very appealing bet for both novice players and those with a low budget.

To use this system, you must know that it is actually made up of a combination of inside bets that are organized in a very specific way. Two double six bets must be made, one square bet and one full bet. With this, what is achieved is to cover a total of 17 numbers with 6 chips.

Let’s see the options of these different bets in parts. The two to six doubles would be equivalent to two transversal bets with which 12 numbers are covered and their rewards will be 5 to 1. For its part, the square bet covers 4 numbers and is placed on any block of 4 numbers with a prize of 8 to 1. Finally, the straight bet is placed anywhere on the board and its potential payout is 35 to 1.

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